1. mollag

    Kent lorry queues

    Given it is prediction but it seems likely, how does a 7000 lorry queue square with the 9, maybe 10 hours driving limit for drivers ? do they "log on" for time every shuffle for'ard ?
  2. C

    Chasey new from Kent

    Hi all I am new to the site and hoping to learn a lot for our proposed move to Turkey in 2020. We bought a villa in 2008 in Augustus village just outside Tasagil between Siric and Side. We have decided to retire there in 2020 aged 55 and simply cant wait. When we bought we gambled on...
  3. L

    The Zergül Kent site in Tuzla?

    Hi, The Zergül Kent site in Tuzla, is it a buy to consider?
  4. E

    Sultan Kent

    Hi Everyone Anyone have any info on Sultan Kent Site? Paul
  5. C

    Sultan Kent Sitesi

    Does anyone have information, experience on
  6. H

    Selling Home in Senol Kent

    I am selling my Holiday Home, to find details go to google and type that text:
  7. K

    Sultan Kent Sitesi

    Hi Guys/Gals I have been trying to get more information on this development using the usual search engines but information is very sparse. Can any forum users pinpoint the actual location on Google maps (on Akbuk Road between Akbuk and Didim) and offer more information in terms of prices...
  8. G

    Senol Kent Meeting

    Hello and good evening to all. Some weeks ago ( may be Juli?), there was a meeting of the house-owners of Senol-Kent -Sitesi. I´d like to know what there had been discussed and decided. Is here someone, who can give me a report of that, what happened thre? greetings to Akbük Gerhard...
  9. G

    Senol Kent Sitesi

    Lütfi ist back
  10. v6cod

    Assos Restaurant, Crayford, Kent

    Just got back from another lovely meal at the Assos, they do Turkish/Meditteranean food. For anyone round this neck of the woods I can highly recommend it, however if you do want to go make sure you book at least two weeks in advance or there is a chance you won't get a table.
  11. GnD

    UK Get Together Sevenoaks Kent

    Get Together Sevenoaks Kent 2nd February Hi Happy New Year to everyone. I am arranging a get together in Sevenoaks Kent in the UK. For no reason at all just for fun. Most of us don't know each other or have only met briefly and with Terry's suggestion thought a message here might help things...
  12. KKOB

    Earth tremors in Kent

    Apparently there have been earth tremors in the Deal, Dover, Folkestone area this morning. Is it still safe for me to go there for my holiday ? :lol:
  13. P

    Hi everyone from Higham Near Rochester,Kent

    Fortunate to meet a lovely couple near harbour in Akbuk earlier this month who introduced us to TLF. Absolutely delighted to be notified by agents yesterday that the title deeds is ready for collection after waiting over a year. By the way is this unusual? Our villa is at Sunset Bay in...
  14. J

    Naz Kent

    Sorry eeveryone out there the site in Akbuk I was enquiring about is called Naz kent. Now does anyone own on it or know anything about it.
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