1. paddington bear

    Boarding Kennels around Side area?

    Does anybody please know if there are any good dog boarding kennels in the Side area.
  2. suecheshireuk

    Kennels and cattery recommendation please, Fethiye area.

    Hi, I have read an old thread on places recommended for dogs, but just wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations on where to place our cat and dog when we go on our holidays. Many thanks. xx
  3. K

    Dog Boarding kennels near Antalya/Side

    Hi does anyone know of dog boarding kennels in this area Thanks
  4. S

    Good Quality Kennels needed urgently

    I hope someone can help , i need to put my dog into kennels but she has special needs , been trying country ranch but no answer not sure where to turn , im hoping someone has some contact info for a well recommended kennels in the bodrum area .. ty in advance .
  5. C

    Kennels for a cat in Istanbul

    Hi All - am new to the Forum but I am looking for a recommended kennels for a small cat prior to her export to the UK. She will need to be microchipped and have a rabies injection, then 30 days later a blood test. 3 months after the test she will be fit to travel with her veterinary...
  6. I

    my dog parker's journey from istanbul to glasgow-Phil Johns Kennels & Pet Transporter

    my dog parker's journey from istanbul to glasgow-Phil Johns Kennels & Pet Transporter I have a Jack Russell and wanted to take it back to Scotland. I had been searching and exploring many options including air freight until I met Sue and Phil. They were genuine pet lovers and really helped me...
  7. S

    Happy Paws Kennels

    Hi All Does any one have the contact details for Happy Paws? Many thanks
  8. L

    DIY Man and Dog Kennels

    Hello, I will be coming to Dalyan on the 23rd Oct till 30th Oct on abit of a last minute mission before flights wind down for winter. I intend to help out at the dog shelter and to bring 2 suitcases of meds and items for the shelter and for Dohakder in prep for the winter season. Whilst over I...
  9. L

    Boarding Kennels

    I have heard that there are dog boarding kennels at Ciflik. Does anybody know of or have experience of them, or any other kennels? Many thanks
  10. L

    Boarding Kennels

    Can anyone help me please? I am still looking for a dog boarding kennel near Dalaman. I know about Happy Paws but have only heard of one person who have used it so any other recommendations would be appreciated.
  11. L

    Boarding Kennels

    Hi to all you lovely people. My first post but an important one for me. Does anyone have any experience of, or, know a good dog boarding kennels? Have heard about Happy Paws but are there any others that are within reach of Dalyan? Many thanks
  12. C

    Made to Measure Kennels

    Solid wooden made-to-measure kennels, 100tl, can be delivered in the Mugla Region. All proceeds going to the new Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group for the upkeep of our new shelter. Please pm me for more details
  13. B

    2 Dog Kennels Needed

    Hı guys. I am lookıng for 2 kennels for my own pets. İf anyone has, or knows of anyone sellıng, please contact me. Regards Beverley
  14. D

    Happy Paws Dog Kennels

    After a lot of shall we, shall we not, we decided to leave our two dogs at 'Happy Paws' for a few days while we were away. We normally leave them with friends, but sometimes there is a need for an alternative. Kerem and Erica were superb parents, lots of cddles, play time and exercise. We...
  15. J

    dog kennels

    we are thinking of moving to the Fethiye ..Hisaronu area his there any one who looks after dog. or dog kennels in this area. we are in Kusadasi and thinking of moving to this area.
  16. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Phil Johns(Paws Kennels)

    Happy Birthday Phil have a good day and best wishes for today!:pressie: Mo xx
  17. Pandora

    A Big Thankyou to Paws Kennels

    Thank you Phil and Sue for bringing our 2 rescue cats back to the UK on Sunday. Excellent service especially keeping us informed every step of the journey with photos when they got to Bulgaria. As you know we tried unsuccessfully to find these cats a home in Turkey but we couldn't leave them to...
  18. S

    Dog Kennel near Ataturk

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me, I have a bit of a problem. I am from the UK but currently living in Egypt and moving to Bulgaria next week. My girlfriend is travelling from Cairo to Ataturk with Egyptair and then from Ataturk to Sofia with Turkish airlines with our pet dog. Contacted...
  19. luckycat68

    Dog boarding kennels

    I am reluctantly having to put my 2 dogs into boarding kennels for 5 days in November - has anyone had experience with either Ida or Country Ranch kennels or does anyone know any better kennels were my babies will be well looked after ? Many thanks
  20. perfect1949

    ida kennels in turgutreis

    well i took my zak to IDA kennels in Turgutreis yesterday , i will let you all know how he faired when i get back . dave
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