1. I

    Dog kennel

    Anybody getting rid of a dog kennel? needs to big enough for golden retriever. Bodrum area. İ can collect.
  2. K

    Finally found local Dog Kennel

    A friend mentioned this Dog Kennels in OKCULAR, Dalyan. We have 2 dogs who have just spent a month here. We feel very happy with their facilities and the dogs looked so well and content. The couple who run the kennels seem wonderful, but the only handicap is the language, but I seemed to get by...
  3. CKPR

    Wanted dog kennel

    Wanting to buy a Dog Kennel for a stray dog which is now on our sitesi.
  4. paddington bear

    Wanted Dog Kennel

    If anyone in the Side/Antalya/Alanya area has a large plastic dog kennel for sale, please pm me. Sue
  5. maggie

    Kennel Cough .

    Kennel Cough Symptoms - Signs Of Kennel Cough At the moment there are a few dogs both pet & street dogs suffering from kennel cough in the Akbuk area . If your dog or indeed you see a street dog suffering with the above symptoms please take them to a vet . Thank you . Hugs Maggie xxxx
  6. M

    Do you have an old dog kennel

    Does anyone have an old dog kennel or some sort of shelter that they no longer require? There is a dog near me that had nine pups, three died leaving six, they went down to two. Now there are three again. I have found out that some boys nearby "own" or "look after" them. The pups have been...
  7. T

    Boarding kennel

    I need to kennel my dog for a week while I am in England, I am going on the 22nd of October, can anyone help please?
  8. S

    dog kennel wanted

    hi everyone, does anyone know of a large dog kennel going spare, or that someone does'nt need or use anymore, as i need one for a rottweiler dog, he is only 4 weeks old at the moment but he will be big, i rescued him at 3 days old, he was almost dead, so i have been feeding him every 2 hours...
  9. paddington bear

    Brand new dog kennel for sale

    I have for sale a brand new moulded upvc type dog kennel for sale which would suit a dog up to medium size, eg labrador. The reason for selling is that my dog absolutely refuses to go in it. (picture of said dog to the left!!!) I will accept 150 tl for this - it cost me either 200 or 250 tl...
  10. pineapple1

    The Turkish Kennel Club ?

    :kafa: Can anyone help with my search for The Turkish Kennel Club details ? I know its in Istanbul as its been asking for the Kangal Dog to be recognised by the Uk kennel club . But i need to know do they have a list of breeders for other breeds ! I have searched the forum . Yahoo'ed it &...
  11. S

    kennel wanted for street dogs

    A friend of mine has adopted 2 street dogs but is already looking after a uk persons dog but she is very old and stret dogs keep sleeping in her bed does anyone have a kennel for sale please let us know.
  12. Ian

    Dog Kennel

    Hi, Anyone got or know of anyone selling a decent size ( German Sheperd ) kennel ??.
  13. luckycat68

    New Dog Kennel for sale

    I have a new dog kennel for sale - i bought it in April for Murphy - my spaniel but he WILL NOT go in it !! It is the modern dome shaped hard sort of plastic - not really sure what its made of !! size stands 60 cm high 65 cm wide 90 cm long I bought from the pet shop in Oasis and it cost me...
  14. YogiPJ

    Anyone got an unwanted Crate / Kennel

    Hi As some of you may have seen I am desparately searching for a home for a lovely pup outside my house. Temporarily he needs a shelter. I tried to search for a crate of some kind which will shelter him from wind and rain yesterday but couldnt find one. I will cover the inside with plastic...
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