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    Turkey loses legendary author Yaşar Kemal

    Turkey loses legendary author Yaşar Kemal Turkey loses legendary author Ya?ar Kemal - LOCAL One of modern Turkey’s most celebrated literary figures, Yaşar Kemal, who had been hospitalized since Jan. 14 following respiratory problems, lung infection and heart arrhythmia, died at a hospital in...
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    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu says he will quit if he loses next election

    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (CHP) will resign if they lose the next election. K?l?çdaro?lu: I may resign if there is a dramatic fall in CHP votes | Politics | Daily Sabah Main opposition CHP leader promises to step down if votes shrink - POLITICS CHP, MHP and about 11 other small parties supported...
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    kemal (mr bean )

    Has anyone got any contact details for kemal ,known as mr bean ,from the Target bar in turgutries? or Erjhan from the Radio bar ? (Names might not be spelt correctly )
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    Turgutreis lottery man - Kemal

    Here's a link for you to have a nice read about Kemal: If you have been to Turgutreis you will certainly know him :)
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    Kemal Atatürk's speech at the 10th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic

    Image"The Turkish Nation! We are in the fifteenth year of the start of our war of liberation. This is the greatest day marking the tenth year of our Republic. May it be celebrated. At this moment as a member of the great Turkish nation, I feel the deepest joy and excitement for having achieved...
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    Kemal Ataturk - Who was he?

    Undoubtedly the most important and revered man in modern turkish history. The Turkish National Library site has an excellent achive of photos and information on Mustafa Kemel Ataturk.
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