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    Osmanisch Kebap

    Has anyone got a receipe for a dish called Osmanisch Kebap or Osmanisch Pan, they sell it in all the restaurants, its meat in a sauce and although I have come close, just cant seem to get it right. Jane
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    Somine Kebap (opposite Tansas)

    Our new restaurant opened last week and we would like to take this oppertunity invite Turkish Living members to come and see why we think we are the best Our business is started in Eskisehir in 1984 and we are the masters at working with meat dishes; kebabs, chicken, steaks and Turkish...
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    Hello from Somine Kebap

    Hello everyone and we like to say this forum nice place so thank you for letting us here. We are a new restaurant in Fethiye but we have very big background in other areas and can offer a superb meal and nice service. If it is ok we will post a more information in the Fethiye forum so our...
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