1. A

    Kings of Kebab?

    Hi, anyone know of the best or top kebab places in the heart of the old city? I have been to Kasap Osman. I think its over-rated and thought there's probably dozens of similar shops that serve the same quality food.
  2. jandj

    Kebab meat

    We love Turkish food, especially Kebabs, and especially Iskender Kebab. We buy Turkish food at a store in Bristol, but cannot find kebab meat, either lamb or hindi. Please can anyone advise me where I can go to buy fresh or frozen kebab meat. Hopefully near Wiltshire, where we live or anywhere...
  3. J

    Bodrum Kebab

    Over the years I've enjoyed something called a Bodrum Kebab made with chicken. A simple dish, chicken in a lovely Tomatoey sauce, matchstick type chips and yoghurt. Every time I try to recreate this the chicken and sauce just don't seem to be the same as out in Turkey. Should I marinate the...
  4. bickern

    The story behind the kebab

    A refreshing tale. ------------------------------------------------- Two friends from school and I barely make it inside the Parisian metro before the doors close. Soon after we find seats, I notice a dark-skinned man with a pink shirt sitting right beside me, fully concentrated on reading...
  5. shirleyanntr

    tomato kebab from Urfa

    theres a great recipe in this link for tomato kebab ..some good pictures too of how to assemble it. the Urfa region which is where this dish comes from has great food...not as good as Hatay though (i'm biased) but still very good Eatery - Tomato Kebab she also has a very good food blog...
  6. Firefox

    The Kebab Murders

    Over 4M Turks live & all work in Germany “no DSS” yet some Neo Nazi’s resent that and decide to kill them over the last 10 years. HERE BBC News - Germany to compensate 'neo-Nazi' murder victims Powerful Germany now has decided to throw money at the problem and buy its way out this as did...
  7. shirleyanntr

    arab kebab

    although this is called Arab kebab its a common and popular meal in Hatay its easy to make and very tasty..i was reminded of it when we were in Adana at the weekend.. you can use minced meat or kuşbaşı..those very small pieces a bit like cubes of stewing steak but much smaller... here we go...
  8. arrian

    kebab shop runner in olympics

    BBC News - Olympic dream for Borders kebab shop owner
  9. ceemac

    Turkish doner kebab becomes Germany's favorite fast food

    Forget about bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of sausages — doner kebab, or shawarma, has overtaken traditional German fast food as the country's favorite snack on the go. Here C
  10. ceemac

    Turk Unwraps Doner Kebab Robot

    A Turkish Cypriot has unveiled what represents the cutting edge of death wrapped in pitta bread tech: the automated doner kebab meat slicing robot, capable of delivering vast quantities of perfectly-hewn nourishment. Here C
  11. ceemac

    Kebab Anyone?

    Put me right off them this has..... 'Russian police have arrested three homeless men suspected of killing and eating a 25-year-old and selling parts of his body to a kebab and pie kiosk.' Here C
  12. T

    Teddy Kebab

    Hi everyone, We have recently joined forum and love it. I though I would just let you all know an amusing story as to where the name 'teddy kebab' came from. Well, we recently visit :kafa: ed Turkey for the 1st time and wanted to look for a property. A week before we left the U.K. I thought it...
  13. K


    Hello all, l am Michael and l live in Bodrum Centre and l have been here 5 years now so l am going for my Turkish lD (Kimlik) soon. All in all it has not been easy but l would not change the place for anywhere else. Happy hunting Kebab.
  14. shirleyanntr

    tepsi kebab

    this is a speciality of the Hatay....tepsi means its meat cooked in a tray...takes a bit of time to be authentic..but you can cut corners and it still comes out ok :) if you find a butcher from eastern turkey he will mix it for you..and if you have a friendly firin (oven) nearby let...
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