1. A

    Business Registration and KDV tax

    Hi All, Sorry if I can't find the thread but as a villa owner in Kalkan we are worried sick about this new law re registering as a business and having to pay 18% of our meagre rental income to the government. Has anyone anything to say on this? Our manager is being non-committal and from what...
  2. P


    Has KDV gone up to 20% this year
  3. E

    Vehicle KDV tax cuts

    Does anyone know what the current KDV rate is on new cars. I understand from a Turkish friend that there is a reduced KDV tax payable until end of September
  4. kooky

    KDV ( sales tax ) when you sell a house

    Does anyone know if a company has to pay KDV ( sales tax ) when it sells a used property to an individual and if so, at what rate.
  5. immac

    KDV (Tax) Rates

    Is there a site which shows the KDV (similar to UK VAT) rates which apply to various services & products? In particular, I am interested in the construction industry and rates which apply to building materials. Ian
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