1. K

    kaya referans

    hi everyone:thanks:
  2. I

    Re: Tuzla Park Resort Bodrum - Birol Kaya

    Re: Tuzla Park Resort Bodrum - Birol Kaya We bought property month ago in Flamingo with Birol Kaya, he was actually helpful, patient and responsible for their promises. It was troubles from seller side during the deal and Birol helps us. He did answered all my calls, even when I have been...
  3. B

    Tuzla Park Resort Bodrum - Birol Kaya

    Hi Does anyone own apartments in Tuzla Park Resort, Bodrum? These have been developed by Emrag developers. I own some apartments there but unfortunately I'm having some major issues. I have entrusted Birol Kaya, he has a website dedicated to Turkish properties - thebodrumhomes.com I've paid for...
  4. C

    Kaya dolmus

    I will be staying in Kaya for a couple of weeks at the end of September beginning of October, does anyone know if the Kaya dolmus still runs every half hour in October or is it down to every hour in October.
  5. Harem

    Poison around the Kaya Valley

    Just to let people know that a dog belonging to acquaintances of mine picked up some poisoned food in the wooded area on the Belen side of the Kaya Valley. She was fortunate in being treated by a vet in time. Please keep an eye on your dogs when walking them in the area. Also, it is a good...
  6. lilacdiana

    Kaya Koy

    When we visit Ovacik in the summer my daughter and I would like to visit the "Ghost Village" . My question is we would rather not go as part of a tour so can we get a dolmus there or should we go by taxi? What time of the day is best and does anyone have a recommendation of where to eat there as...
  7. PeeCee

    Grazing in Kaya

    Well, I have found my perfect place, but am still wanting to hear from anyone living in Kaya about any pitfalls I need to know about. The agent seems very unwilling to answer my questions about tapus, etc. so I would be very grateful if anyone living there could help. Also, I need to know...
  8. PeeCee

    Buying in Kaya

    I'm still hoping that there is someone who lives permanently in Kaya who can point out all (if any) the pitfalls about buying there. For instance, power cuts, water shortages, tapu problems, etc. etc.
  9. tonybhoy

    kaya valley

    hi,sorry if ive posted this before(i can't remember)but we where looking to rent either of 2 small villas/cottages called the stables and the barn i believe,is there anyone from this area who knows these cottages/villa and what is the area like and how far from fethiye,thanks tony
  10. D

    Work in Kaya

    Our friend Shah [?] who currently runs The Poseidon restaurant in the heart of Kaya Village is looking for a person [I am assuming that female will be preferred] to work in his boutique/giftshop adjacent to the restaurant. The pay sounds OK to me and he's a very fair and laid-back bloke...
  11. pineapple1

    Dear Molly Kaya

    Dear Molly Kaya Benji and Bonnie are quite upset , Sitting here beside thier " Servent " they have noticed you have turned purple !!!! Molly what did you do ?? did you piddle on a " POST " Grawl at a mod , ? Your fan club would still like to send you Birthday and Christmas wishes even though...
  12. KKOB

    Happy Birthday Molly Kaya

    I know it's daft but a this is a very special birthday for Molly. She's 3 today and next week will be going with Sam to live with their new "Mum & Dad". Ceni and I will miss them both SO much.
  13. KKOB

    New Dolmus Route Serving Kaya Koy

    The Kayakoyu Muhtarligi has started a new route running directly between Kaya and Fethiye using the mountain road. The dolmus currently leaves Fethiye for Kaya at 0900, 1330 and 1830 daily. It leaves Kaya for Fethiye at 0730, 1100 and 1530. The fare is 3 TL eachway. The main departure point...
  14. KKOB

    A Kaya Sunrise

    A couple of views from our terrace of the sky just before sunrise this morning.
  15. KKOB

    Kaya Koy to Karagozler Walk Monday 12th October

    I'm going to arrange a walk from the Kaya Valley to the Boatyard at Karagozler for Monday 12th October, weather permitting. We'll meet at the starting point in the Kaya Valley at 2pm. Dolmuses for Kaya Village and Gemiler Beach leave Fethiye on the hour from the area behind the big white...
  16. KKOB

    Dog Found In Kaya Valley

    This young Golden Labrador with possibly a little bit of Staffy has been wandering around the Kaya Valley for the last few days. He's extremely friendly, seems to have been well-fed, and is obviously lost. Do any members know someone who might have lost him or possibly decided to dump him ...
  17. geordie_nev

    Accommodation in Fethiye / Kaya Koyu

    We have a few days to kill next week and are thinking of spending some time around Fethiye / Kaya koyu area, can anyone recommend a nice Pension or small hotel? We have 2 kids, so would prefer some where kiddy friendly and have a bit of outdoor space. Any suggestions?
  18. J

    urgent, villa to rent Hisaronu, Ovacik, Kaya Koy

    Hi, does anyone have a villa available from tomorrow until 7th August, for 7 people. I have some friends who arrived this morning. Sorry I haven't introduced myself, new to forum, will follow with introductions later, once I have helped sort out this family. :juggle:
  19. KKOB

    Dogs Poisoned in Kaya Koyu

    I don't know the full story yet but both of the dogs at the Villa Rhapsody in Kaya have died after being poisoned.
  20. KKOB

    Kaya Koyu Stork Watch

    The storks have been a bit illusive for the last few weeks but this is the view from our bedroom balcony across the valley this morning. I'm guessing this is Mum, Dad and the 2 kids.
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