1. B

    Kate Bush Comeback.

    BBC News - Kate Bush: Before The Dawn ? a first look It seems as though the comeback tour by Kate Bush was a success. I must admit I was always a fan of hers. Bill.
  2. mollag

    William and Kate with their little boy George.

  3. juco

    Is kate Middleton a Jew?

    It is interesting to note the following in the family tree of Kate Middleton wife of Prince William: Kate's mother is Carol Middleton, daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison (both Jews) The parents of Dorothy Harrison are Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Temple (both Jews), the latter a...
  4. John O' Dreams

    Pank call to Kate Middleton's hospital

    2DAY FM make prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital - YouTube
  5. G

    Kate with a C

    With the royal wedding just a week away and so much coverage in the press and on TV, can anyway explain to me why the bride to be is known as Catherine with a "C" or Kate with a "K", surely if her name´s shortened it should be Cate. This has been puzzling me and I cant find out the answer, I´m...
  6. arrian

    Kate & Wills threatened ......

    apparently blizzards are expected just in time for the royal wedding!!! :help: British Royal Wedding Blogs - Yahoo! Shine
  7. Andy

    Happy Birthday Kate

    Many Happy Returns of the day Kate. Hope you have a great day. Best Wishes :pressie: Andy
  8. K

    Kate Ozkan Intro.

    New Member Kate Ozkan I have lived in the Dalaman area for about 16 years and really love it as it has so much to offer, beautiful countryside, beaches etc but near to tourist centres and cost of living is so much cheaper and you feel you are part of the real Turkey. I am here in Dalaman if...
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