1. K

    Year round living in Kalkan

    Hello, what is Kalkan like to live through the winter months? Has anyone any knowledge of living all year at the Patara prince resort?
  2. G

    Sewage system in Kalkan

    Hi, we are just about to buy a property in Kalkan and have discovered the villa has a cesspit and is not on the mains sewage system. Is this a problem? We automatically assumed it would be on the main sewage system as it is a completely refurbished building. Any other helpful hints on the buying...
  3. Spike

    İndian Restaurant in Kalkan

    There used to be an İndian Restaurant ın Kalkan called Asian Gate, run by a Pakistani gentleman called Jawed. I think the restaurant closed in 2016, then re-opened in a new locatıon ın 2017. Can anyone tell me if it is still open, or has Jawed opened a new place and where is it? Or for that...
  4. P

    Kalkan prices

    We are coming to Kalkan in June. I haven't been there since 2004, could someone give me an idea of prices, i.e. boat trips, average restaurant meal and drinks. We are staying at the Caretta so prices would be round the harbour and town area. Thanks
  5. P

    Kalkan and Patara

    After many years of going to Oludeniz we want to try somewhere different (our friends have never been anywhere else) We were thinking of going back to Kalkan for a few days and then to Patara for a few days. Could someone give me some tips on places to stay, things to do etc. Thanks
  6. Housemartins

    KALKAN - 2 apartments for sale

    Hi everyone I'm posting this for my friends who are not members of TLF. They own 2 one bedroom apartments on the Patara Prince Resort in Kalkan. The have the title deeds, there are no debts, they have owned the apartments for the past 10 years, they have been modernised and both are very...
  7. D

    3 bedroomed apartment in Kalkan

    We are reluctantly selling our beautiful apartment in Kalkan. I have hopefully copied the link to the agent who is advertising it. http://www.kalkanproperty.com/kalkan-apartments/AP600.htm
  8. L

    Solicitors in Kalkan

    Hello everyone, We are newbies buying a somewhat derelict property in Kalamar though having read some of the stories on the forum I am a little apprehensive! There aren't any recent threads on solicitors, we have found one in Kalkan whom I won't name as I am not sure I am allowed to but I have...
  9. W

    Kalkan Taxi Prices 2014

    Please could someone let me know the prices of taxi's this year for 4 people to Kas, Kaputas and also Patara. Thank you Jac
  10. lilacdiana

    Kalkan or Kas

    Hi looking for a new holiday destination and not sure whether to choose Kas or Kalkan. Will be their in October so if anyone wants to suggest anywhere else please feel free!!!! Many thanks
  11. S

    Kalkan Hotel Suggestions

    I have an apartment near Marmaris and I'll be visiting for a couple of weeks on April 18th. We usually visit somewhere new each year for a couple of days and this time I'd like to try Kalkan. Any ideas on Hotels (budget is fine), restaurants or things to do/see would be welcome.
  12. H

    Thank God I found Kalkan first!

    BBC 1 showing a program called "Holiday Hit Squad" they showed Marmaris last week and Bodrum this week, I dare say had we found either of these first we would never have gone back to Turkey. Thank God we found Kalkan! Having said that they also showed Çıralı, we have stayed there and it is...
  13. S

    Looking for retirement home in Kalkan

    Hello, We are looking for a retirement home in Kalkan. We will continue to live in UK but with the possibility to spend few weeks per year in Turkey or whenever possible. I am willing to offer a montly rental with a minimum of one year contract. I am not interested in using the apartment in...
  14. Housemartins

    Kalkan - apartment for sale

    Hi Folks, we have decided to pop our apartment on the market. Its located within the Patara Prince Resort in Kalkan. Great spot that I can highly recommend, but best to read what our guests have said. Here is the link to our rental advert: Apartment for rent in Kalkan. Private holiday home ...
  15. lilacdiana

    Kalkan for a holiday

    Can I pick the brain's of the good people of this forum??? Thinking about going to Kalkan next year. Have had the last 2 holidays in Ovacik which we loved but as there looks like being me and the DH next year I thought about giving Kalkan a go!!! So any hotel ideas??? Can we easily do days...
  16. P

    hire minibus and driver - izmir to kalkan November 2012

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for hiring a minibus and driver for 2 adults and 1 child plus 1 well behaved dog. We are travelling to Turkey at the end of October via train from Scotland and can only get as far as Izmir by train, which is fine because I want to spend a day or 2 there...
  17. C

    new member from Kalkan

    Hi Everyone I dont know if i'm posting in the right place sorry.Just to introduce myself.Hubby & i have an apartment in Kalkan which we purchased in 2006 when we went on holiday for a week ,fell in love with the place & (mad i know) bought the apartment.We think it's one of the prettiest places...
  18. M

    Kalkan Hotels

    Hello, Hoping to have a romantic break for our anniversary in October. Can anyone recommend a hotel in the Kalkan area ? Mx
  19. B

    Kalkan 2013

    On another Forum of which I contribute there is a family coming out from March 30th to April 13th and they are asking what restaurants and beach clubs would be open at that time of year, if any at all please. Les
  20. Kalkan regular

    Kalkan - due to cancellation in August big reduction for 2 bed apartment for rent

    Our immacualte 2 bedroom apartment at the very popular Emir Development is always fully booked but we have just had a 3 week cancellation for August. The apartment has on site management who service the apartments and is in a great location, within walking distance to and from the old town. You...
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