1. kale

    Kale ll

    Morning All Thought I would pop in to say hello not been on for a while Anyone no what's happened to Kale II bodrum , this place for me was my lost dream with many others Last I heard was landowner had the property's & what were finished he renteted Out . We would have...
  2. H

    Happy Birthday Kale

    Wishing you good health and happiness on your Birthday. Hilary x
  3. Mojive

    Kale Happy Birthday

    :cheer2::cheer2:Happy Birthday Kale:cheer2::cheer2: Many happy returns of the day :party: Enjoy :yipee: :pressie: Mo xx
  4. TNT123

    Happy Birthday Kale.

    Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Kale.Hope Milnrow is not to cold for your special day.:474cu: Trev.
  5. suzyq

    Happy Birthday Kale

    Happy Birthday Kale, hope you have a super day xxx :474cu:
  6. M

    Kale emlak - kusadasi

    I know there are a lot of bad emlaks out there so I just wanted to say there are excellent ones as well. Kale rang me on Monday saying that somebody wanted to buy my villa, we met Tuesday agreed a price etc and by Wednesday the villa was sold and we had the money in the bank. They were totally...
  7. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Kale

    Here's wishing you have a special Birthday today Yvonne. I hope this year ahead brings you back to good health, and all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled. Enjoy every minute. xx :pressie:
  8. shirleyanntr

    happy birthday Kale

    :224xb:..i hope you have a great day and all your wishes come true Happy Birthday xx
  9. S

    Bomb close to Kale Market!

    About 11 hours ago there was a bomb nearby Kale market! After that sound from a weapon! My dog went mad! Polices everywhere!
  10. Mary

    Kale 2 Bodrum Major Problems

    Hi all, I am putting this post on to help a very dear friend who is very ill I have her permission. The above complex has major problems and 6 years on she still and her husband do not have either her apartment finished or her Tapu. It is a complex problem involving many people who have formed a...
  11. kale


    hi every one our furniture package which we had for sale has now been sold thanks to tlf . and do you know what been invited to sit on my sofa how about that .just fab regards kale :27br:
  12. VWBug

    KALE (Demre, Myra)

    Well known for being the hometown of Santa Claus, Kale is an important faith tourism spot in Antalya. History: The foundation date of Myra is not known exactly. However, the archaeological data, obtained from the researches in the grave reliefs with regard to style, indicates that the city has...
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