1. immac

    Kaş Building

    If you can't get planning permission for building projects on protected land = fire changes everything Extract: "Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urban planning has approved a zoning project for a large patch of land that lies in a protected area in the district of Kaş of Turkey’s southern...
  2. MiddleEarth

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş on the Mediterranean Coast. Renovation of an old village house, completely rewired/plumbed. Çukurbağ village is 15 minutes by road from the centre of Kaş and the coast. The house sits at 600 meters elevation and is cool enough in the summer that klima...
  3. bal canavar

    Airport project in Kaş NGO'S call for a halt

    NGOs demand halt to airport project in Kaş Local NGOs have submitted a seven-page report to local state bodies opposing the construction of an airport in the resort of Kaş in the southern province of Antalya, as they fear the airport would have irreversible consequences for the town, which...
  4. bal canavar

    Antalya Beach ( Kaş )

    Pristine Antalya beach to undergo ‘environmental renovation’ with concrete A famous beach, which has remained untouched and been considered among the best in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, will have part of its natural beauty covered with concrete in a bid for the construction of a...
  5. K

    Kaş dolphins - public meeting

    Latest news from KTLN Kas dolphins - meeting on Monday 19th December Katie-Ellen
  6. A89

    Hotel in Kaş?

    Can anyone recommend a decent and cheap hotel in Kaş? Doing the visa run and just need to stay one night, so ideally somewhere near the ferry. Thanks alison
  7. Elvira

    hotels in Kaş

    Sorry not quite sure where to put this.I am looking for a hotel in the centre of Kaş(not bothered about a beach ) It is for 2 rooms in Late April.I have looked at lots of travel sites but they all want me to stay next to the beach and we need to be in the centre as it's only for 2 nights and we...
  8. K

    Kaş animal friends

    We are having a fund raising event for the cats and dogs of the Kaş area,on the 31st October can anybody help with animal masks costumes tombola an raffle prizes also what we would like to do is face painting anybody out there that does face painting we would be very grateful for your help.A big...
  9. Rainbow

    Hello from sunny Kaş

    Hello I am new to this forum. I was steered this way by a current member. I,m still finding my way around the site but have been really impressed by what I,ve read. I live in Kaş which is on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. I,ve lived here since 1999 and I own a restaurant. I also manage...
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