1. M

    Junk Mail

    Probably the wrong forum, but here goes. Have you, like me, received piles of junk mail from various organisations that you have not had dealings with? Well, I have just found out how this happens. That well known credit rating agency Experian sell our names and personal details (including...
  2. Yalides

    Junk mail, ads, spam

    The internet is full of ****e these days, Every page you go to has an ad or some kind of unwanted spam on it. Easy to ignore most of it but I have noticed full page ads popping up now and again. So annoying.
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    Junk Phone calls

    Got a phone call this morning. From the Indian sub-continent, judging by the accent of the person calling me. He told me his name was Mark, although, somehow, I didn’t think this was his real name. I get quite a few of these calls, and I am finding them increasingly annoying, this is possibly...
  4. peter the postie

    New postal deal means more junk

    Get ready for more junk mail on the doormat... The postal workers have now voted this in. Royal Mail and CWU agreement allows more unaddressed mail - Marketing news - Marketing magazine
  5. juco

    What to do with junk mail

    BBc news…. I am so sick of getting junk mail I have decided to take the following action: Every piece that comes through my letter box will be put aside and gathered up until I am going past a post box, it will then be put in the post box and they can do whatever they wish with it. I never...
  6. D

    junk mail

    it amazes me , why when there is so much effort to try to get us to use bottle banks ,and to recycle goods etc and help the enviroment , that someone hasnt come up with a idea to prohibit junk mail. my post alone is made up each day of rubbish junk mail.in a week it must be a refuse bag full of...
  7. Angela Stansfield

    Junk Emails

    I have recently been receiving junk emails from various Turkish emlaks and builders about properties they have for sale. I have no idea where they are getting my email address from. Is anyone else receiving the same?
  8. Susan

    Spam Junk email

    :crazy: Not sure if anyone else is getting a very large amount of Spam email but I find it very strange that the email addy I use for two forums are the ones getting dozens of these each day, but the private email addy I use for just family and friends is not hardly getting any, and I have set...
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