1. Martyn

    9/11 what was it like if jumping was the best option?

    No matter who caused it what was it like for these people when jumping was the best option. YouTube - 911 Jumpers, Twin Towers Jumpers, World Trade Center, WTC Sad Tragedy
  2. carolk

    Bugs creepy crawlies and jumping spiders

    Does anyone know how to rid the house of these things, is there something you can get and where from please? I have tired all the sprays but the last straw is a massive spider with legs over an inch and a half long, it has a big grey body!!! HELP!! :thanks:
  3. Ms Who

    Jumping on the Bandwagon

    Thought I might as well join in and resurect my "for sale" posting - Decided this time tho not to mention the original story cos i got flayed alive for being an indulgent mother last time!! So heres the blurb: This villa on a very peacefull site, traditional Turkish with only 3 houses owned by...
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