1. H

    Jolly festive jumpers

    Last year some of you wanted to buy cheap n cheerful Christmas jumpers. Lidls are selling some for men and women from Monday 10th November at only £9.99. They look quite nice too !
  2. arrian

    Christmas Jumpers

    who wears Christmas jumpers willingly on Christmas Day? I was informed last night that I would not be allowed into my daughters house for Christmas lunch unless I was wearing a Christmas jumper! do I give in to this blackmail or do I sit at home on my own while they enjoy their festivities...
  3. merlin

    Woolie jumpers - time to get them out!

    According to the news tonight the whole of Turkey (with the exception of Antalya as usual :lol: ) is bracing itself for a cold snap starting tomorrow. Merv!
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