1. Akasya

    Julian Assange investigsion dropped

    https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/may/19/swedish-prosecutors-drop-julian-assange-investigation that expenditure of millions was worthwhile Steve
  2. Squeaky

    Q&A: Julian Assange allegations

    Good afternoon: I imagine that a lot of members will have been reading about the Wikileaks scandal like myself and wondering exactly what he is alleged to have done in Sweden. Today I discovered an article in the Guardian which explains the background. Seems like a pretty lame set of...
  3. I

    Club Julian - Marmaris

    Can anyone in the area give me directions to find Club Julian. I am driving over to see friends who are on holiday there and club Julians website is not very helpful as to where it is located. Any help appreciated thanks.
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