1. Tommie

    MP Eric Joyce arrested at Edinburgh Airport

    MP Eric Joyce was arrested for causing a disturbance at Edinburgh Airport. Apparently he left his mobile phone on the plane BUT DID NOT KNOW WHAT FLIGHT HE CAME ON. More... I know that flight numbers can be difficult to remember, but surely you must know where you came from and, hopefully...
  2. W

    Joyce and geoff/jeff jackson

    Hi all I'm not sure if anyone can help here but I'm trying to trace Joyce and Geoff Jackson. They moved to Turkey 2 years ago but Joyce's Auntie Lily doesn't know which area she moved to. If anyone can help can they PM please. I know it's a long shot but hopefully someone may know them...
  3. merlin

    Welcome Joyce

    Re: CrescentHomes are Looking for Office Staff Joyce Welcome to Turkish Living! Merv
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