1. scotssteve

    Didim journal

    Just read the newest edition of this paper which came out yesterday. Congratulations to the team behind it for producing something which contains relevant news. From the road closures, through changes to refuse collections, chemists openings on sundays, & the visits to and from Didim - it was...
  2. R

    Reply to thread The Didim journal

    Firstly sorry to not intruduce my self at begining and i am the part owner of new newspaper and we not set website yet the e-edition is not a website e-edition is exactly the paper you can get from the stand on a jpeg version to send to your email I know we having a problems by translating news...
  3. R

    The Didim Journal

    New English printed local newspaper for Didim We have a Grand Opening Day Friday 6th April 2012 When you look at Didim today it is amazing to see its growth in such a short period of time. Once the property market was open to foreign purchasers, our community has integrated and grown at a rate...
  4. merlin

    Merlins Journal

    Updated Today and ready for a big post tonight - lots happening, better than Eastenders :lol: Merv!
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