1. Mushtaq

    Jordan's king accuses Turkey of sending terrorists to Europe

    King Abdullah of Jordan accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US politicians in January, the MEE can reveal. The king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them: “The fact that...
  2. Firefox

    Jordan Caves In

    Looks like Jordan has caved into Takfiri Terrorist and want to Swap One Bomber with another. Jordan agrees to prisoner swap with ISIS in deal that could free pilot, Japanese journalist | Fox News Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, must be either the only guy in the World, that does not know...
  3. B

    Death Penalty in Jordan.

    BBC News - Jordan ends death penalty moratorium with 11 executions Interior Minister Hussein Majali recently said the public blamed a rise in crime on...
  4. RedBloodedHound

    Breaking News; Jordan debates Syria.

    BBC News - Jordanian journalists destroy desk in TV row over Syria
  5. B

    Abu Qatada refused bail in Jordan.

    BBC News - Abu Qatada refused bail by Jordan military court Oh dear, what a shame. I don't think too many people in the UK will be losing any sleep over this. Bill.
  6. altinkum kev

    Abu Qatada

    Abu Qatada. will Britain finally get rid of this asshole tomorrow I will believe it when I see it. Think of all the millions we have spent trying to kick him out and the money the family have received in benefits , we should have put him on a plane years ago and just paid the fine by the...
  7. B

    Syrian refugees in Jordan.

    BBC News - Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan 'critical' The Jordanian authorities seem to be doing a good job with these refugees, but surely the U.N should be doing more to help them. Bill.
  8. Firefox

    May to fly to Jordan

    Her Britannic Majesties Secretary of state for Home Affairs will have to fly to Jordan with her army of advisers & aids to beg the King of Jordan to take back Abu KA,Ka. Jordan a third world country has snubbed Britain & the EU and sent the previous British delegation packing this week. A...
  9. ted j

    Jordan quits

    Katie Price has quit I'm a Celebrity: Jordan quits the jungle - Telegraph
  10. SuperBogs

    Jordan girl killed for pregnancy outside marriage

    AMMAN (AFP) - A Jordanian man was charged on Sunday with premeditated murder after allegedly stabbing to death his 22-year-old daughter because she became pregnant outside wedlock, police said. ADVERTISEMENT "The father and his brother took the girl on Saturday to a doctor because she...
  11. spitfire

    David Jordan

    This guys music is amazing :cheer2: Not sure if he's Turkish but it's got a Turkish sound to it. Has anyone bought his album yet?? You can hear "Sun goes down" Here I'm sure it will be on in all the bars and clubs over Summer Allan
  12. Andy

    David Jordan

    Anyone see this group on the Al Murray show the other night. Got me hooked on the song.
  13. S

    Happy Birthday Jordan Blues !!

    Happy happy Birthday to you Haven't heard much of you lately, so whatever you are doing, I wish you a nice day with a bit of dreams of that Turkish town at the sea, Kus........ Many Happy Returns !!! :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  14. VWBug

    Happy Birthday Jordan Blues !!!!

    Happy Birthday my Dylan Friend, and very happy returns.
  15. S

    happy Birthday Jordan Blues !

    Happy 53rd Birthday Jordan ! :pressie: :pressie: Have a very , very nice day, and enjoy it :blowkiss: :blowkiss: You are the same age as I, and that not so bad......
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