1. bickern

    RIP Paul Allen (Microsoft Joint Founder)

    RIP Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, 65, dies two weeks after he revealed he was battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for the THIRD time, as bulk of his $13.5billion fortune is expected to go to charity...
  2. M

    Recommendations for joint account

    Hi there We've had a joint account with Garanti for 11 years. Our bank cards expired last month and we weren't here when they tried to deliver the new ones. That just created huge problems. After 2 weeks of trying I now finally have a new card, but my wife does not. Garanti apparently no longer...
  3. oldfogy

    What's the criteria for opening a joint account?

    As the title says 'What's the criteria for opening a joint account?' Basically do both parties need to have a tax number or would it be ok for just one person to have a tax number, bank in question will be for HSBC.
  4. bickern

    Five parties declare support for joint presidential candidate

    The question is, will it be enough? I gather many are of the opinion no, and RTE has got it sewed up. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Five parties declare support for joint presidential candidate Leaders of five opposition parties released a joint...
  5. D

    Tapu changing from joint to single name

    Can anyone please advise. Our house is in joint names. We wish to transfer it into my wifes name. Would we have to go through Military permission again. Thanks Dennis.
  6. D

    selling property in turkey when in joint names

    hope some one can help .my ex wife and i have a joint owned property in turkey we only have 1 tapu but it is in joint names .we both want to sell but my ex wife says we both have to go be out there to sign with estate agent to sell and when sold both have to be out there to sign .can this not be...
  7. Firebrand

    Joint care capsules for athritis

    Have any of you athritis sufferers had any joy with these capsules? I was looking at them in Tescos, but as they are £20 a pack, I thought I see if anyone has used them with any noticable improvements? I know that what works well with one person doesn't necessarily with another, but it's good to...
  8. ZiaCa'

    Joint Bank Account/Bereavement

    Just saw this in the Fethiye Times. Something to be aware of. Fethiye | Beware of Turkish Joint Bank Accounts Following Bereavement
  9. C

    Changing Tapu from joint to single help !!

    Hi There I wonder can anyone help me with changing our Tapu from joint to single names. What would be the process and any idea of likely costings that I/we would need to be pay oh and timescales ? We are already both on Tapu at present but want it to be simply just one name now. Crystalclear
  10. B

    Joint bank account?

    Is it possible to have a joint bank account in Turkey? Sorry if this seems a silly question, I've just never heard of anyone having one. Many thanks.
  11. Neil_Denizli

    Your First Joint

    Light-hearted survey for those who have inhaled. What were you listening to the first time you lit one up? For me it was 'Remain in Light', which would make it 1980 ...
  12. barry budd

    joint tapu

    We are thinking of selling our house we have a joint tapu and i would like the emlak to be power of attorney could this be done without my wife being in turkey and just myself going to the notary, or would a signed letter from my wife be sufficient barry
  13. C

    Advice needed - Joint ownership - Husband died

    My husband has sadly recently died and we jointly owned a holiday apartment in Turkey. As I understand it I have to get the Grant of Probate with english will attached and death certificate notarised in this country and then translated(?) at the Turkish Embassy in London. Can anyone confirm if...
  14. M

    Change tapu from joint names to single name.

    Hi, I live in the UK and own a villa in Akbuk. How do I, or what's the best way of changeing the Tapu from joint names into my name only. Where do I start and what's all the "ins and outs" of it ????? Many thanks, Regards, Mike.
  15. M

    Joint partner in Turkey

    Afternoon all been a member for about 1 year now but only posted 1 thread so far. Alittle about myself i have a home in Altinkum that i bought about 2 years ago although the first home was an apartment in nov 04, I live at present in England but am thinking of relocating in Turkey sometime next...
  16. Graham7

    Joint account with HSBC bank.

    Just a quick one, Open a joint account in HSBC with my Dad but I did not get a card or a book for the account. The bank said to my Dad that I still can get to the money without it. But I thought that I would have got something to say that I had a joint account with them. They have got my...
  17. T

    Changing TAPU to joint names

    Does anyone have any experience of doing this? For reasons I can't remember we originally bought our house in my name only. We are now looking to sell it but for UK Capital Gains tax reasons it would be better to have it in joint names. However would any gain be negated by the transfer being...
  18. N

    Council Tax - Joint Owners

    Anyone now if the Turkish Council Tax is payable per dwelling or per owner? We are joint owners & have individual council cards with separate ID numbers, but don't know whether we pay individually, or once for the property?
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