1. Camden

    Turks EU ...they still want to join

    The results surprise me, that still after 20 years since it being recognized as candidature country, and seeing less modernized countries accepted .... with a leader that is far from keen ,slowing down the process in trying to meet the membership criteria. That most Turks still want to join...
  2. C

    Football team to join

    I just moved to Side for the rest of the year and would like to join a football team. Does anybody the best place to source one? Thanks :)
  3. J

    Should Ireland join the Commonwealth

    Nigel Farage says Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth to hedge our bets on the EU No idea of the views of our Irish friends on this so would be interesting to know.
  4. bickern

    Switzerland WITHDRAWS its application to join the EU

    I never knew they had applied. ------------------------------------------------------ SWITZERLAND has withdrawn its application to join the European Union just a week before Britain votes on its own EU membership. Now Switzerland WITHDRAWS its application to join the EU just a week before...
  5. christella

    Turkey to join EU

    Turkey to join the EU july 16 2016 Right now, the European Union and Turkey need each other. Officials in Brussels (crucially backed by Germany's Angela Merkel) argue that Ankara holds the key to solving the migration crisis. More than a million people arrived on Europe's shores illegally last...
  6. suzyq

    Qatar To Join US Forces In Turkey To Fight ISIL

    Qatar is set to join the U.S-led coalition’s air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Turkey, according to Turkish sources, as France is also considering participating in the war against the jihadists. The sources told daily Hürriyet improvement was achieved in...
  7. N

    Victim of property fraud in Turkey and want to join forces?

    Many times it has been said that we need to join forces to get our voices heard. Ive read on here threads from people who have independently written, faxed and phoned everyone and anyone they think could help only for us all to get the same result - no one answers our letters. But what about...
  8. Elvira

    Who will join the Israeli army ?

    The Knesset have overwhelmingly voted that being Orthodox is no preclusion for joining the Israeli army.Then we have the 'New teenage' group who are unhappy with the Occupation so they are refusing to join the Israeli army. What next ?? Enlightenment ?? Who knows what is next? Maybe an Israeli...
  9. Mushtaq

    Germany blocks Turkey’s bid to join EU

    LUXEMBOURG — Germany has blocked the next step in the European Union’s membership talks with Turkey over Ankara’s crackdown on anti-government protests, a diplomat from an EU nation said Thursday. Berlin blocked the decision to open a new chapter in the long-running accession talks because...
  10. Jaycey

    Should I join Facebook?

    When I bought my i phone, I thought about the 30-year business I ran with 1800 employees, all without a mobile phone that plays music, takes videos, pictures and communicates with Face book and Twitter. I signed up under duress for Twitter and Face book, so my seven kids, their spouses, 13 grand...
  11. F

    keep getting ttnet page cant join wifi network

    is anyone else in the dalyan area unable to connect to the internet? i keep getting the ttnet login page. that is the case for both my home and office network but i know that my neighbours are ok. anyone else having this problem?
  12. karios

    should moderaters join in?

    As a moderator on this site do people believe they should join in with discussions or just give help/advise when asked? I have seen there is some moderators joining in with disagreement and this seems to inflame the thread even more. If they need to step into a thread where its getting out of...
  13. B

    Turkey wants to join the E.U!

    I have been wondering today about the latest visit of our Prime Minister to Turkey. We have heard how much he supports Turkeys entry,and will push at all costs for Turkey to be accepted. Whats the point if Turkey dont want(or need) to join in the first place. So my question is Do Turkey need...
  14. S

    Come on, join in

    Hi guys I have been a member of this forum for a couple of months now, and admit it has become addictive. From what i have observed there are over 13,000 members, and yet it is the same characters over and over again starting, and contributing to threads. This is not a criticism, thank God for...
  15. animalmad34

    Turkish dog rescue - fundraising prize draw - please join

    TURKISH DOG RESCUE - FUNDRAISING PRIZE DRAW Since 2002 when i first visited Altinkum i have helped the street dogs/cats get a better life and My Turkish Rescues, I have now taken 7 dogs out of turkey in total as well as homed many cats and even a horse,,This is my latest rescue and i am...
  16. D

    Hi My name is Deirdre, glad to join you.

    Hi my name is Deirdre, I am a good friend of another member Tess. Looking forward to getting involved in the Forum and hope to visit Turkey soon. Looking forward to finding all sorts of information before I do. I am 40 years old and have one son Paul and 2 dogs Diesel and Bailey. I live in...
  17. ceemac

    Jail For Soldier Who Refused To Join Fight

    I'm sorry but what the hell did he join the army for? I would understand if he was conscripted, but he voluntarily signed up as a soldier for God's sake? 'Lance Corporal Joe Glenton went absent without leave (Awol) rather than serve a second tour of duty in Afghanistan. He later campaigned...
  18. ceemac

    BNP Votes To Allow Non-Whites To Join

    This is a joke isn't it? 'The BNP has voted in favour of changing its whites-only membership policy to allow black and Asian people to join the far-right party.' Here C
  19. KKOB

    Turkey May Decide NOT To Join The EU

    Turkish President Abdullah Gül said on Friday Turkey may not wish to join the EU. Turkey may not wish to join EU
  20. S

    hi and thanks for allowing me to join

    hi im rob , im a 40 year old medical professional from scotland who very soon will be enjoyin 3 weeks with my wife in your beautiful country in marmaris in august , i hope to learn a bit about your country before i arrive thanks singer
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