1. bickern

    HSBC to cut 35,000 jobs

    HSBC to cut 35,000 jobs and shed assets in major overhaul. The restructure is HSBC's third in a decade and its under-performing investment banking arm is expected to bear the brunt. Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman said this would be HSBC's third major restructure in 10 years and that the...
  2. S

    Are these college degrees worth anything in the US?

    I'm a senior in high school, and I was considering majoring in either finance, economics, or geography when I go to college.......I know finance is useful, but I read economics has an even higher recent graduate unemployment rate than history, and is quite high, and I don't know the rate for...
  3. Y

    My best friend needs a driving job in Istanbul

    Hi one of my best friends who speaks arabic and English but no Turkish needs a driving job (airport driver etc) in Istanbul. What would be the best and quickest way for him to get a driving job there?
  4. Jaycey

    Highest paid jobs in the United States.

    . . . .......... :hmm::hmm::hmm:
  5. Spurs

    Jobs or benefits?

    Labours Harriet Harman is saying that after recent by-elections they now understand what the public wants. Does she? She seems to have the emphasis on foreigners claiming benefits over foreigners actually working here. If she thinks like that, surely all Brits will just become benefit...
  6. val2661

    Shameful jobs

    Just been out to lunch with a group of friends and acquaintances, all now retired and we got to talking about jobs and what would be considered as a job you would be ashamed to admit to doing. These are ones everyone would be ashamed to admit to:- a court bailiff, a traffic warden and a tax...
  7. C

    Moved To Yalikavak

    Hi I have recently relocated from London to Yalikavak to live with my Father and ready to start a new life. At the moment I am living with my dad, studying my Turkish and relaxing. I would however like proper Turkish lessons. Does anyone know anyone who does lessons or schools that do...
  8. C

    Who has jobs?

    :Flower: Really interested who of you have jobs and what do you do. Is it easy to find a job if you have your Turkish Kimlik? I realise unemployment is quite high, especially out of season, but just wondering?
  9. I

    jobs, if I learnt Turkish

    would it be possible for me if I learnt Turkish properly and took a TFLI course teaching to get work in Turkey. I do totally understand that as an English man being here in Turkey it would be virtually impossible. Surely there is a way thanks for any comments
  10. McDHibs

    Steve Jobs Dies

    Apple Supremo Steve Jobs has died this morning. Very simple tribute from Apple Apple (United Kingdom)
  11. Firefox

    3000 Jobs Go At BAe

    Weapons/ Arms / Bomb Maker BAe system’s who won most Contracts through Bribery, Sid Kicks and arranging high class prostitutes for Arab Prince is to shed 3000 in the UK due to lack of business Here BBC News - BAE Systems confirms plans to cut nearly 3,000 jobs may be these engineers can...
  12. Y

    jobs in Turkey

    Our family would like to spend next year in Turkey, the Fethiye area. Wanted to do it this summer but didn't and I regret it very much. The preferred outcome - our youngest daughter will improve her Turkish. (she listens and understands but answers in English!) One issue - we are not...
  13. L

    Moving to & working in Izmir?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of starting over, moving somewhere new, asap! I live in a country close by, Jordan. I am a 27 year old female, I want to start my life over, I think Turkey would be a good safe choice since its close by home. Ofcourse, I want to find a job BEFORE I go there, if...
  14. O

    any jobs in charity organisations?

    Hi, I dont know if anyone can help me but I am looking at taking a 1 year sabbatical leave from my current job in the UK. Starting next year, maybe April. Do you know of any registered charity organisations in either the Akbuk/bodrum/izmir area that could do with some help. I am happy to...
  15. Firefox

    British Jobs no Workers

    I am a British employer in central London, I have not employed a British worker since 1998. I must of hired around 300 people in the past 10 years only a handful were English, and they only lasted an average of 2days. So IDS who cleans your house British or Polish?? Here BBC News - Duncan...
  16. C

    Part Time Work

    Hi There, Are there forum members that might be interested in a part time working opportunity? If so, please email 'Advisors' at with a brief CV attached and we will provide additional information. Brief information follows below. Thanks, Miranda Our firm provides professional...
  17. H

    Jobs in Norway

    There is a big article in the main Norwegian newspaper today about the need for foreign workers to fill 220 000 new jobs this year and the next 3 years. I have found a link with job advertisments for English speaking people. Jobs are located both in Norway and in other parts of Western Europe...
  18. H

    Jobs in and around Dalaman

    I am looking for work in Dalaman and surrounding areas, and have been advised on the opening of the Lykia world hotel on the airport road. If anyone could give me details of when it will open or how to get in contact with the company, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your time guys n...
  19. E

    Jobs in Turkey

    Hi does anyone know of anywhere looking for English teachers, both have kimliks and looking to start end of january. English is their first lanuage and 1 is fluent in Turkish and other knows some Turkish. Or if anyone knows any job sites it will help thanks x
  20. L

    Jobs for English.

    Hello. I just recently came back from Altinkum, as I've spent the last 4 months there. My boyfriend has gone back home to Izmir for winter. In December, I'm going out again to spend a few weeks with him. But at the moment, I would do anything to get back out sooner. Of course, money is an issue...
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