1. Jaycey

    Looking for a job?

    Cannabis tester.. "A company in the US is hiring someone to smoke cannabis. The position, which pays $3,000 a month, is being offered by “We’re looking for someone to review a wide variety of cannabis products to give our readers an honest and reliable insights on various...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Job Interviews

    New thread to encourage people to share memories or anecdotes about job interviews:-
  3. bickern

    I tattooed my face so I couldn't get a normal job

    Kayleigh Peach was so determined to become a successful tattoo artist that on her first day as an apprentice she got the word "cursed" etched over her eye. She thought her tattooed face would put off most employers and leave her no choice but to pursue her ambition. Now aged 26, with 60% of...
  4. J

    English teaching job wanted

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Azizun Nessa (my friends also call me Julie) . Earlier this year my husband and myself moved to Konyaalti, we have been coming to Antalya for over 15 years, we bought a holiday home here a few years ago and because we loved the country and people so...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Best Job in Turkey

    Not sure about whether a work permit is needed though:- The Ortaca Municipality in the western province of Muğla has announced a competition within the scope of the “Best Job in Turkey” project. The municipality is looking for someone who will travel in the region for 30 days and earn 30,000...
  6. W

    Caretaker Job Description

    We have just interviewed a caretaker on our site and would like to start him asap. Obviously it will be subject to contract. Turkish owners don't see the need for a contract and their outlook re duties and responsibilities is that " the caretaker does EVERYTHING ! To save time I was hopeful that...
  7. A89

    joiner / odd job man??

    Does anyone know a joiner or reliable odd job man in Alanya please? At the moment I need my skirting board coving stuff replacing. But would be great to know someone who can do other odd jobs. alison
  8. A

    Job Vacancy in Ortaca private school as an English Teacher

    Hi dear friends.My colleque iş looking for a native speaker of English for a private school. Plase contact me if you would like to work.My GSM 05363215667.
  9. S

    Absolute nut job jogger
  10. D

    Looking for an Internship/research opportunity

    Hello all, **This is my first post in the forum so if I am not following the rules by posting this please let me know.** I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineering Major in Antalya Turkey. Considering that this is my final year before I graduate, I am looking for an internship or a research...
  11. ibrahimwoah

    So being a pilot is a dream job of mine...

    However, I'm getting put off by all the cons of being one. Like how exhausted the pilot is allowed to be (working up to 16 hour shifts) and how you carry less fuel than you're comfortable with! Would Turkish Airlines be a good option for me? Do they offer reasonable rest periods. How's the...
  12. Billy Joe

    Food banks to be Job Centres.

    Thats effed it,the work shy won't be able to go cap in hand for their freebies. Job advisers placed in food banks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals - BBC News
  13. Yalides

    Job opportunities

    Tube strike: Londoners face travel hell AGAIN as unions announce fresh tube strikes for later this month - Mirror Online Could train (pun) up a few migrants to do the shifts the over paid rail workers don`t want....
  14. Y

    My best friend needs a driving job in Istanbul

    Hi one of my best friends who speaks arabic and English but no Turkish needs a driving job (airport driver etc) in Istanbul. What would be the best and quickest way for him to get a driving job there?
  15. Firefox

    Tony Blair New Job

    This is not a Joke:- Tony Blair's new role fighting anti-Semitism - a kick in the teeth for Palestinians? - Telegraph Blair has the blood of at least 400,000 Iraqi civilians on his hands (and possibly hundreds of thousands of others killed in the MI6-backed "Arab Spring Uprisings"). It is no...
  16. A

    Job in Office Available in Side

    Is there a Turkish National who speaks good English and some German who would like to work in an office in Side from 8am to 6pm with free lunches and free insurance - salary negotiable at interview stage - the office is near the Anadolou Hospital - Migros - Bim in Side. Start immediately. The...
  17. A

    English Teacher Job Opportunity

    Our language school in Bolu Turkey is looking to employ an English teacher. This post will be available from 15th June 2015. No teaching experience is necessary as training will be given in the method which we teach. Good salary. Work permit provided by the employer. Excellent working...
  18. Freedom 49

    Are You Looking for a New Job? £1100/mth.

    This is really weird as only last night we were talking about Penguins and as much as I love 'em via a documentary from the comfort af my home, I said, "It's a little too cold for me in Antarctica!" Just 5 minutes ago, Cengiz, the guy I work with said, "Are you looking for a new job after...
  19. Firefox

    No English No Job

    If UKIP insist on the policy of banning oversees doctors nurses etc, the NATIONAL HEALTH SEVICE IS FINISHED, This business of not being fluent in English is just another way of blaming immigrants for the mess that the austerity policies have brought about. I Say "No Immigrants No Life in...
  20. bal canavar

    in the wrong job ???

    Someone is profiting from this Islamic Government . A luxury vehicle has been purchased to serve as the official car of Turkey's top cleric, Hürriyet has learned. Mehmet Görmez, the head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet), will soon start using the Mercedes S500 sedan, which...
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