1. Talkinman

    Joan Rivers RIP

    Love her or hate her you couldn't ignore her, Just seen that she has passed away RIP Joan.
  2. bickern

    Joan Rivers - Palestinians deserve to be dead

    If this is true it beggars belief. -------------------------------- 'You're dead, you deserve to be dead - you started it': Joan Rivers in astonishing attack on 'stupid' Palestinians. Joan Rivers filmed ranting about the Gaza conflict outside airport. She said she did not feel bad because the...
  3. P

    North Cyprus - Frank & Joan

    HI Frank and Joan started a blog living in North Cyprus, they have moved on to pastures new living in France now. I have seen somewhere on this forum someone looking for their new blog. Frank and Joan's Adventures in France
  4. arrian

    Joan Sims/actress

    just been reading this article on Joan Sims, a british icon i would say, from many Carry On films, and thought it interesting and entertaing. Carrying On Regardless - Joan Sims YES! I KNOW I'VE PUT BERYL REID ON THE HEADER!!!! MY HUSBAND MENTIONED HER NAME & I REALISED TOO LATE WHAT I'D...
  5. J

    Frank and Joan?

    Bit of a wild shot, but for a few years now I have been reading the adventures of Frank and Joan in Norther Cyprus on their Blog. They have moved to France but their Blog suddenly ended in October. Does anyone know what has happened......hope they are OK. I feel like I have lost good friends.
  6. J


    Hi everyone, we are really looking forward to getting back to Dalyan In Sept for 2 months :thumbup: We have been told we will need our waterproofs and wellies for Nov Would you please give us an honest opinion, I know the weather will change but will it be COLD and wet or wet and warm...
  7. J

    Hi, my name is Joan

    Hi every one, so glad i found this site, full of info for us Turkey lovers. Live in Runcorn Cheshire, still working in our local hosp have three adult children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild, with another on the way, phew!! We love Turkey, cant wait to spend more time there
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