1. N

    Jewellery channel (UK)

    I've recently been introduced to the jewellery channels on TV and I have to say it's very tempting and looks convincing. Has anyone ever bought anything? I've been sitting here watching but have resisted so far.
  2. Talkinman

    Selling Gold jewellery

    We have a number of pieces of inherited gold jewellery and frankly I am disappointed at the prices in this country. I have been told that I may get a better price in Turkey! One is a plain wedding band and we have 2 other rings with diamond clusters.All are 9 CRT. Does anyone have experience of...
  3. S

    Body Jewellery

    Does anyone know where they sell body jewellery i.e. for body piercings in Fethiye please?
  4. A

    Jewellery and entertainment in october

    My wife and I are coming to altinkum 8-15 oct . Could anyone please advise us on where to go for a good night out and a good jeweller . We have some White gold rings we wish to trade for yellow gold . We bought the rings in turgetreis last year and the yellow started to show through after only a...
  5. D

    Shopping for Jewellery in Side

    Hi, New to this,!! We have been going to Turkey for breaks and holidays for the last 5 years and love it over there. We normally buy a good piece of Jewellery (Rings mainly) and would like to know if anyone has any advise for buying in Side? We are aware that the price of gold etc has reflected...
  6. D

    Jewellery in Oludeniz

    Hello all, my first post trust that you are all very helpful people, I visited OD a few year back and purchased a couple of diamond rings- was very happy with the quality,deal and valuations etc. I plan to come back towards the end of June and replace the since lost items, could anybody offer...
  7. juco

    where to buy jewellery in Altinkum?

    Have some friends going to Altinkum/Didim for the firt time and have asked me where best places are to buy jewellery. Probably rings. Can anyone offer suggestions as to who is trustworthy and an approx. location. thanks
  8. R

    Ege Jewellery Bodrum

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can help me. Long shot I know but I am looking for an email address for Ege Jewellery, in Bodrum. It is opposite the Akbank. I have tried t'internet but no luck. Thanks Sharon
  9. M

    buying jewellery in or around side

    Does anyone know of a good shop to buy a gold bracelet from in or around side, as my son wants to buy one for a christmas present for his dad. if anyone does, do you know how much is reasonable to pay, and also if you have bought jewellery have you had it valued in the uk after and was it worth...
  10. babsgood

    handmade jewellery

    my friends and I went to the cinema in the marina last night (to see Mama Mia it was fab you must go girls!) when we came out the craft stalls were still open and we picked up some fabulous handmade jewellery, braclets for 10ytl and necklaces for 20ytl they would make great stocking fillers for...
  11. B

    English jewellery in Turkey

    Hi, I have heard that English secondhand jewellery, ie. gold, diamonds etc is pretty easy to sell in Turkey, that it is more valuable than in the UK. :becky: Can anyone say whether this is the case; and if so, how and where would I sell it? Many thanks for any advice! I live in the Fethiye...
  12. S

    Atabay Jewellery

    While on holiday in Altinkum we visited Atabay Jewellery near Dolphin Square and had my wifes wedding ring duplicated in white gold now after three weeks the white gold colour is vanishing and a yellow metal is showing through :27: i'll take it to our local jewellers to find out what the metal...
  13. M

    Jewellery making suppliers in Fethyie

    My hobby is making bead jewellery and whilst on holiday in Kusadasi last September, I stumbled upon a fab shop selling loads of beautiful beads, stones and gems- the result being I spent a small fortune! I'm coming to Olu Deniz in June and Fethyie in September and wondered if anyone knew if...
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