1. Y

    Jewellers in Altinkum

    Anyone had problems with jewellers in Altinkum? As my wedding ring had broke gave it to a well known jeweller in Altinkum to melt down and remake with an extra £200 worth of gold. All went well until my daughter took it into the jewellers where she works part time (H Samuels) to have it tested...
  2. P


    Hi all I am looking to buy my good lady a nice eternity ring when we come out to Yalikavak in July. The only jewellers I am aware of is the one up the road from Zorro,s round the corner from the barbers. (got a D in geography ��). Has anybody any advice / thoughts on this...
  3. Mag

    Mandalinci Jewellers / Silver shop.

    Once again got very good value and service from both Mesut and Rasit in Mandalinci Jewellers and Mandalinci Silver shop. 2 very nice young men to deal with. Would recommend them to anyone buying gold or silver jewellery.
  4. C

    Volkan Jewellers Akbuk contact details?

    Volkan Jewellers Altinkum contact details? Hello all, My parents have recently returned from Akbuk and mentioned this Jewelers in Altinkum as it is where they got my Mum's eternity ring made, they were discussing with the owner getting a ring made for myself but unfortunately mislaid his...
  5. H

    Jewellers in Side

    Hi. Hope someone can give me a bit of advice. I'm a Side regular and will be over next month. I need to know which of the jewellers in town will do the best deals etc. I used to go to Safir years ago.
  6. B

    Jewellers in Turgutreis

    Anyone tell me if there are many jewellers,particularly selling gold,in Turgutreis?Thanks.
  7. A

    Contact details for mandalinci jewellers

    Hi , I am looking for contact details , email , post etc for Mandalinci jewellers in Turgetreis . We bought 3 White gold rings from the guy there in oct 2010 and the White bit ( rhodium ) is coming off and the rings look horrible and cannot be worn . We have bought excellent quality items off...
  8. Lyndsey

    Jewellers - Gold Prices

    Hi there, just thought i would ask for some advice. I use Sinbad's opposite Carrefour supermarket to clean my jewellery so I went to them as a favour for my friend. My best friend lives in Spain and is getting married in a few months. She said gold is very expensive in Spain at the moment and...
  9. Mag

    Chris Jewellers - Turgutreis

    Noticed that Chris's Jewellers was closed during our recent visit. Does anyone know if this is permanent,or had he not yet opened for the season? Thanks Mag
  10. Mag


    Although there are numerous jewellers about, can anyone recommend a good one around the Bodrum penninsula? My friend is travelling to Turgutreis in 2 weeks and wants to replace her lost engagement ring. thanks Mag
  11. N

    Altinkum Jewellers cornershop

    When in Tinky last I had a ring made from stones from another ring. I also had my wedding ring replaced form a white gold one to a platinum one. My engagement ring has 3 large diamonds (bragging) in it and again it was white gold so I had the diamonds taken out and placed in to a platinum...
  12. Martyn

    Jewellers in Altinkum/Didim

    Can anyone recommend a good jewellers in Altinkum or Didim? I'm looking at buying something for my wifes 50th there when we go in June. Maybe a ring or bracelet, don't know yet. Thanks Martyn
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