1. wiuru

    Jens Dog ( Kiraz)

    Hi everyone as you all know AJ's computer is down and he is currently looking to see if anyone knows anything about a dog Jen had her name is Kiraz she is a white and brown bitch about 3 to 4 months old, one of Jen's newest recruits. AJ would like to know if someone gave this dog to Jen and if...
  2. wiuru

    Does Anyone Remember Jens Msn Quotation?

    Does anyone remember the quotation Jen had beside her msn addy name? It went something like "living with heartache loving with all of my heart" Jen changed her message to put up a Christmas & New year greeting for everyone and forgot to change it back. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who...
  3. wiuru

    Jens Moving On Series

    Mushtaq has very kindly gathered all Jens many wonderfull true life stories into one place for us, we can all click on the link (when we are feeling strong enough) and read again and remember her wonderful sence of humour her adventures, and for all you new comers onto the Forum, you are in for...
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