1. bobthenob

    Any Jellyfish sightings in Akbuk/Altinkum?

    jellyfish l have read an article on the plague of stinging jelly fish accumalating in droves,that is having a devestating effect on the tourists,around the western side of the med.Not only has the weather patterns,changed globally that has altered nature,but the main issue of plagues,throughout...
  2. kusturk


    i remember this subject was brought up i think last year and not a lot of notice seemed 2 b taken but my wife was stung by one at the begining of june this year ,a small red brown coloured critter, and it turned out to be very nasty witha lot of discomfort for 2 days,, i am led 2 believe this is...
  3. G

    Jellyfish At Akbuk

    Has anyone encountered Jellyfish before around the Turkish Coast? I have never heard of them being a problem before but my wife was stung by one on the leg whilst swimming at Akbuk ... Hopefully it was just a stray one!!
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