1. hijo

    Suzuki Samuria Jeep

    ...... Brought Back Too Near Original Condition,MA Plate,Newly professionally painted Inside & Out, New 4 Wheel Driveshaft,....Alloy Wheels,...Welded Paddlocked Toolbox,......Also New step On Passenger Side,..,New Stereo System,...Newly Upholstered Seats,.. New Canopies 2 + 1 Original...
  2. V

    Jeep deaths

    Two British women have died after being thrown from an open jeep when returning from a safari trip to Saklikent Gorge. Another two passengers are in intensive care. Yet another sad reminder of the dangers of these trips and the care needed on them. Two Brit women killed in Turkish 'jeep...
  3. chris25

    Loved JEEP for sale - Sat?l?k, Kiral?k, 2.El, Emlak, Oto, Araba, Al??veri?, Hizmet, Kariyer, ?? ?lanlar?, Bilgisayar, Cep Telefonu, Tekne, Motosiklet, ?? Makinesi fiyatlar? - ilan ve al??veri?te ilk adres I'm selling my 1978 JEEP CJ6 long wheel base , petrol/LPG It's a great car for the area...
  4. Ian

    CJ5 Wrangler Jeep 4.2 For sale

    Hi Guys, Jeep for sale on LPG very cheap to run has over a years left on MOT tax insured on turkish plates, 10.000lira and no offers, PM for further details,
  5. B

    Jeep cj5 for sale - Altinkum

    Well it hurts me to do it but am putting my beautiful jeep up for sale, the work done on her over the last few years is too long to list in total but here is a brief rundown on the main things, new seats, new summer and winter roofs and doors, LPG conversion, disc brake conversion, new clutch...
  6. Ian

    Original Wrangler Jeep 1976

    Wrangler Jeep for sale 7000 lira see pic, PM for further details,
  7. Briand

    Two Dead in jeep Accident in Turkey

    How sad Jeep which was built to hold five people but was packed with 11 people. Read more: Jonothan and Charley Pearce die in over-crowded Jeep crash on Turkish holiday | Mail Online Briand.
  8. G

    Jeep Safari

    Hi All, I recently went on Jeep Safari through Mili Park and surrounding areas, had an absolutely fantastic time, got throw in the pool, water fights and covered in mud, havent laughed so much in ages!! Just wondering, does anybody know the name of the company who organises this?? They are...
  9. D

    For Sale: Suzuki Samurai Jeep

    My father is selling his Jeep and asked me to place this on his behalf. 1998 Suzuki Samurai Jeep for sale. White, 1.3L petrol, 70,000kms, 2011 MOT and emissions test, new tyres, hood recently replaced and seats re-covered, regularly serviced, great runner (regularly left for 5 months over the...
  10. B

    A Jeep Safari that really is a Safari

    This was my review of a trip that I went on in May just before I opened my Cafe and I thought I would share it with you all..... Today I discovered how many different shades of green and blue there are.... I discovered the most unbelieveable beauty...I discovered a secret that has been hidden...
  11. I

    Jeep Safari and day trip to Greece..

    I'm looking to go on a Jeep Safari and a day trip to Greece.. can anyone recommend a decent company/good safety company i could book my trips with. Note I will have 4 young kids with me.....
  12. Ian

    Wrangler Jeep Wanted

    2nd hand wrangler jeep wanted age and model not important, please pm with details.
  13. D

    Moonstar jeep hire

    I meant to post this 3 months ago and completely forgot but I just found the receipt. We made the mistake of renting a jeep from this company to go up to the mountains for breakfast followed by a trip to Seleukia (Lrybe). We had 3 friends over on their first trip to Turkey and they were keen...
  14. R

    Jeep Crash in Fethiye

    Looks like another Jeep Safari accident according to Todays Zaman. Seven Brits and two Turks Injured: Official: 7 Britons injured in Turkish accident
  15. Gaby

    Jeep for sale with MA-plates (Altinkum)

    Jeep CJ-5, black, y.o.c.: 1979, LPG, original 4.2 engine but only 72 Lira tax per year!, now 8000 TL ONO Patrol tubes changed 1 week ago Oil changed 1 month ago Oil filter changed 1 month ago Air filter changed 1 month ago Spark plugs changed 6 months ago Engine service made 6 months ago...
  16. V

    Wanted to buy a jeep around instanbul

    After I got some great answers about my antique question in Istanbul I have another question. We know turkey has some old jeeps left (from the army and government) and they're sold for low prices. We want to buy and old jeep and restorate it. Does somebody knows places in or around istanbul...
  17. teresa

    Sarigerme Jeep Deaths No seat belts being worn, they are a bit of a menace some of these trips.
  18. KKOB

    2 Britons Killed in Safari Jeep Crash

    2 people have been killed in a Safari Jeep crash near Sarigerme, Turkey.
  19. jeep force

    what do you think about jeep safari?

    hı to all members of the TLF ı am sebo who is owner of the jeep force safaris thanks
  20. lorraine

    Karacay Jeep Safari Bargain offer in Calis.

    The other evening wandering around Calis I had to stop and look at a board posted outside of Karacay office, Jeep Safari 10TL each !! approx £3.50 Now if that is not a bargain what is? Now all i got to do is get gordon out of bed tomorrow to go on one.:) this is the jeep you will be...
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