1. bal canavar

    Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday

    A new jazz event in Bodrum, We Jazz Bodrum, will kick off on the second day of the Ramadan holiday on June 26 before continuing in various spots in the western town throughout summer. Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday | Good Morning Turkey
  2. J

    Jazz Cafe - take care!

    Continuing on my theme of local places to eat / drink we paid a visit to the Jazz Cafe on the waterfront the other night. There was live music courtesy of a girl duo who were ok. The drinks are on the high side (say, 15Tl for a standard size Efes) which we assumed was to cover the live music...
  3. mollag

    All that Jazz

    Ask me, I would say I dislike jazz, not a fan of cover versions either but, as in all things, there are exceptions. Try this cover of a Megan Trainor number. Have to say I liked it!
  4. beyazbayan

    İ hate modern jazz

    Am İ alone - why do supermarkets - restaurants and even the dentist play this type of music . İ googled it and it is a minority that appreciate this music - to me - albeit a somewhat unmusical person - it sounds like the conducter has left the room and the musicians are all doing their own...
  5. S

    Honda Jazz for sale in September

    We are putting feelers out to see if anyone would be interested to buy our Honda Fit (Jazz in UK) to drive out of the country? It will have been in Turkey for 6 months as of Sept 12 and is a Right Hand Drive, so perfect to take back to England perhaps? We drove it over from Greek Cyprus which is...
  6. I

    Jazz Cafe Gumusluk - blues bar

    Hi, saw a poster today for a blues band playing thurs night in gumusluk/yali. anyone know how to get there coming from Turgutreis. Thanks in advance.
  7. topcat

    Jazz Cafe

    Have just come back from Dalyan and you lucky people living there should go to the Jazz Cafe. Two new musicians from Izmir are there all season and the music and playing are good. Their name is No Name. Also the bar is open all through the winter. Wish we had something like that in our area...
  8. P

    Jazz Bar

    Hi Had the pleasure of visiting a Jazz bar in Dalyan last year, will it be there for this year 2012. Enjoyed a couple of goods nights in there.
  9. C

    Jazz and Blues-Free screening of the 40th Montreux Jazz Festival (2006)

    Ahmet Ertugun Tribute Concert Film – World Premiere Friday 23 September 9:00 Bodrum Harbour Square. Free. Friends of Ahmet Ertegün, Claude Nobs the founder of Montreux Jazz Festival and some guest artists from the 40th Montreux Jazz Festival (2006) have arrived in Bodrum to be there when the...
  10. gerald

    Jazz 4 free

    9th INTERNATIONAL ALANYA JAZZ The ninth of Alanya Jazz Gunleri which is very much waited by the jazz lovers will be implemented between 22-25 September 2011 by the hosting of Alanya Municipality at historical Red Tower. The Concerts are free of charge and open to all Public. PROGRAMME All...
  11. C

    Three evenings of Jazz, Bodrum, 19-21 May

    Some lovely jazz coming up, note sunset times, so good for dolmus riders. BODRUM II.KARSANAT JAZZ FESTIVAL will host 14 internationally wellknown jazz artists in three different groups in a Jazz Marathon over 3 days. The concerts will be on 19, 20, 21 May at sunset 7:00pm at the Bodrum...
  12. L

    Jazz festival

    There is a jazz festival this weekend in Alanya. Does anybody know what is on each evening? We are interested in traditional jazz.
  13. L

    Jazz in Yalikavak

    Just to let you know there will be a Jazz orchestra playing at Cafe Asiago on:12::12::114mf: Tuesday evening and soloist sax player George on Thursday, also live music on Friday and Saturday with solo guitarist. Hope you can make at least one of these special nights
  14. C

    Any Jazz Musicians out there?

    I am looking for a jazz musician once a week or a sax player. Anyone know anybody before the season finishes who would like to play in Akbuk at a new venue??
  15. S

    Jazz night yalikavak

    Hi was wondering if any of the yali forum members are free tues aug 2nd for jazz nite and dinner at cafe asiago would love to put faces to names on site. Called in today for mustafas mums cake and he mentioned his new venture jazz and dinner all for 30l so hopefully it will be fun, i will be...
  16. C

    Summer Jazz in Bodrum

    Well here it is - for those who missed the jazz fest in May, there is more every week in July and into August. Ada Sofra restuarant have just advertised on billboards and e-mails the rpogramme the first one is this week Fresh from their International Izmir Festival performance in Ceşme, the...
  17. L

    jazz night gumusuluk

    George will be playing his sax on Wednesday 26th at Gonulcelen Restaurant, Gumusulk. Sorry if folk turned up last Saturday to see him but there was a bit of a mix up over the dates. Should be a good night and I believe its 'Fish Night' too. Looking forward to seeing new and old friends.
  18. C

    Bodrum - Free Jazz Festival 19-22 May

    Just received an e-mail out- a seriously good line-up! From May 19 to 22, 2010, Karsanat ( Caria Cultural an Art Assosiation) has organized the first BODRUM KARSANAT JAZZ FESTİVAL. At sunset the concerts will begin at the Bodrum Marina Yacht Club and will include many artist from Turkey and...
  19. L

    jazz night Yalikavak

    After a fantastic night at Gunulcelen, Gumusuluk, George has been asked to play on Wednesday evening starting at 9pm at Cafe Asiago in Yalikavak, its next door to The Honeypot and opposite the council tea rooms. All are welcome and I think Mustafa is going to be putting a special menu on, I will...
  20. L

    jazz night

    just to let you know George will be playing his sax on Friday evening at Gonulcelen Restaurant in Gumusuluk. Look foward to seeing as many of you as possible, should be a good night
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