1. the bueman

    Japanese Sink Hole fixed in 2 days

    Thought this was incredible......fixed in 2 days.....had it been UK or anywhere else they would have been looking into for the next year.....same goes for the clean up on the tsunami. Incredible Japanese workers fix giant sinkhole in two days
  2. B

    Japanese Prime Minister's grief.

    Japanese PM's 'profound grief' for WWII aggression - Al Jazeera English I think that this is the nearest we are going to get to an apology from this Japanese Prime Minister, for the suffering of many thousands, possibly millions,caused by...
  3. suzyq

    No justice for Japanese Tourist

    This verdict is terribly wrong. A 19-year-old man, identified only by the initials İ.K., has been convicted of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old Japanese tourist on the Diyarbakır-Muş highway in southeastern Turkey, but has had his sentence postponed for “good conduct.” İ.K. was initially...
  4. suzyq

    ISIS threaten to kill 2 Japanese hostages in 72 hours

    ISIS threatens to kill 2 Japanese hostages unless they receive $200m | Daily Mail Online
  5. M

    Multilingual Japanese man looking for job in Antalya

    Good days, My boyfriend is Japanese,he is in Japan for now and we are looking for a job for him ,preferably in Antalya.The problem is that he graduated from sociology ,thats why we are having difficulty in finding a job which will help him support his life till he gets used to the...
  6. Jaycey

    Japanese knickers

    These are not see thru skirts - they are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible. They are the current rage in Japan! I forward this as a public service, so you won't have a heart attack when they hit your local stores. I just hope it doesn’t come our...
  7. newhorizon

    Japanese Grand Prix 11-13 October 2013

    Good morning, Another weekend and another race! Vettel looking good as always:) despite KERS problem, 1. Webber on Pole for 1st time this year and first time he has outqualified Vettel. 2. Vettel 3. Hamilton 4. Grosjean Live TV Times SKY HD F1 UK (+2hrs Turkey) SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER...
  8. teosgirl

    Japanese woman murdered in Cappadocia

    LOCAL - ?Confidential? probe launched into murder of Japanese woman in Cappadocia Very sad news. Charlotte
  9. newhorizon

    Japanese Grand Prix - 5-7 October 2012

    Well it's been a long time coming...but RedBull are back with the speed and Vettel back on Pole! Provisional Qualifying results:- 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing-Renault 1 2 Mark Webber Red Bull Racing-Renault 2 14 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari 3 10 Romain Grosjean Lotus-Renault...
  10. newhorizon

    Japanese Grand Prix 2011 - Vettel becomes World Champion

    A new world champion deserves a new thread, from the Quali one:) so hoping everyone who follows F1 has watched the race or its race repeats later in the day by now...as VETTEL is now a Double World Champion!! for 2011.:clap: Although he didn't win, he still managed a podium by coming 3rd...
  11. newhorizon

    Vettel clinches Pole by 9/1000th of a second!- Japanese Grand Prix 2011

    What is 1 second or less in F1? a lot. Vettel clinched Pole today by just pipping Jenson Button by 9/1000th of a second! Qualifying Results of this morning:- Pos No Driver Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Laps 1 1 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault 1:33.051 1:31.424 1:30.466 14 2 4 Jenson Button...
  12. D

    wanted Japanese cruiser/chopper motorbike

    Wanted--japanese twin cruiser or chopper--250cc plus-i am in İzmir but i can travel a reasonable distance for the right bike. thanks
  13. arrian

    Japanese Messi??

    the search is on for this 'Wonder Kid' in Japan, but no-one knows who he is!! he runs rings around the others. Who is this nine-year-old 'Japanese Messi?' - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
  14. abba

    Japanese Magic

    super magic video youmaker.com
  15. R

    Japanese Grand Prix is postponed

    Qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix is postponed until Sunday following heavy rain in Suzuka.
  16. willip

    Japanese Knickers Wait Until These Hit Tescos

    What you see are not see thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible. They are the current rage in Japan !
  17. Nige and Lynn

    Japanese economy newsflash

    According to inside contacts, the Japanese banking crisis shows no signs of ameliorating. If anything, it's getting worse. Following last week's news that Origami Bank had folded, we are hearing that Sumo Bank has gone belly up, and Bonsai Bank plans to cut back some of its branches. Karaoke...
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