1. T

    Happy Birthday Jane2005

    Hi Jane I think you are in Turkey from your Facebook comments BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! As one of the original members of TLF we go back a long way!:kiss::kiss: Have a great birthday and enjoy whatever you do. :bounce::bounce: Hope your holiday is good x
  2. no-nem

    Jane2005 Read Thİs!

    Hi sorry, apparently it is every 2weeks on a tues. for gas test, and next one is the 29th. not tomorrow!
  3. Bryan Sargent


    hi, just want to warn members of this member jane2005, for the last 2 months i have employed the services if this woman to keep an eye on progress of my 2nd pool only to be informed today that she has been looking at the wrong one! i feel cheated and offended by this and advise not to take her...
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