1. C

    Vice Consul Antalya Jane Baz

    It does not seem to be noted that the British Vice Consular, Mrs Jane Baz has now retired from her position as Head of Mission. The little people can make a difference,
  2. J

    Hello from Jane ın Bodrum

    Hello all I am a semı-retıred woman who sıngs soprano ın three choırs and loves wrıtıng and travellıng. I backpack around varıous countrıes whenever possıble, and love meetıng new people and lıvıng amongst dıfferent cultures. I am presently stayıng ın Bodrum ın Turkey wıth my frıend who lıves...
  3. Mojive

    kaplumba,Jane Happy Birthday:-)

    :cheer2:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :party:Jane enjoy your day.:cheer2: Whatever you do and where ever you go have fun doing it! Mo xx
  4. may

    Happy Birthday Jane 68

    Happy Birthday Debbie hope you have a great day:474cu:
  5. Mojive

    kaplumba,Jane Happy Birthday:-)

    Have a lovely Birthday Jane,enjoy your day:3: :474cu: Mo xx
  6. A89

    Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad.

    Ive just finished reading this fantastic book and it has moved me profoundly. Its one of those books you know you will never forget. The whole book is a series of emails between two women. One a journalist and busy mother in London, the other an Iraqi woman living in Baghdad and lecturing in...
  7. Yalides

    Jane Russell dies

    See the actress Jane Russell has died aged 89.
  8. alison09400

    Jane Russell RIP

    Actress Jane Russell died yesterday at the age of 89. I'm sure she had many mens' hearts pounding in her day. Death of sex siren Jane Russell aged 89 | The Sun |News YouTube - GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES trailer
  9. ZiaCa'

    Happy Birthday Jane!

    A very happy birthday to you (Janeavsallar) and others celebrating today! :pressie:
  10. Andy

    Happy Birthday Jane 2005

    Many Happy Returns Jane, hope you have a great day where-ever you are. :pressie: Other members who aren't so active as our Jane and also have birthdays. If you log in to the TLF happy birthdays to you as well.
  11. F

    hello from ed & jane

    Hi our names are Ed & Jane. we are thinking of moving to turkey to Akbuk we have been in touch with a property company called My Turkish Home would appreciate any feed back. also would be great to ge any info on problems when moving to turkey ie pit fulls. loads of questions like how to get the...
  12. maggie

    Kusadsi Jane.

    Hi folks, Well today i had the pleasure of meeting Jane and her mum Linda from kusadsi,we have been chatting on the forum since I lived in England and we seemed to get on like a house on fire. Many of you maybe remember the bantar we had concerning my intentions of oppenning a pole dancing club...
  13. no-nem

    Jane 2005 happy birthday

    Have a good one Jane!!
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