1. bickern

    Happy Birthday jandj

    Happy Birthday jandj
  2. hijo

    Happy Birthday JandJ

    ....... Happy Birthday Big Fella ,With Many Happy Efes Returns ......
  3. Yalides

    Happy birthday jandj

    Happy birthday John. Will be round yours for a beer or three when we are back in UK in July....
  4. Marc

    Phone calls to Turkey 1p/minute.. All hail JandJ

    Phone calls to Turkey 1p/minute landline, 6p to Mobile UPDATED 21st October Prepay @ 1p/minute to Landline on 0808 1700 123 at 1p on TopUp now (Free phone number use from landline) 020-81 801 801 at 1p on TopUp Discount. ( :cell: Only use with unused mobile contract minutes) 0208-1 802 802 at...
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