1. A

    Jandarma and Polis

    Just out of curiosity, has any of the members ever needed to make an emergency call to the Jandarma and/or Polis. As foreigners, many people expect that when you contact the emergency services the person receiving the call speaks English. Ironically here in the UK, there will be a limited...
  2. clare1

    AKBUK Jandarma

    FOR ALL AKBUK PEOPLE This week there was a British Consulate meeting held in Didim and Akbuk for ex-pats. I went to both meetings and I would like to give you some information from the Akbuk meeting which I think you may find useful. Akbuk is controlled by the local Jandarma and there is no...
  3. M

    Noticed the Jandarma out tonight.

    I was on driving duty tonight, dropped family off in the village and then went on for a spot of late night shopping, family had already planned to get a Taxi back anyway. On the way back from petrol station an old Migros (as I now call it) noticed Jandarma and traffic police were out tonight by...
  4. tomc1984

    Jandarma and Zabita

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between the Jandarma and the Zabita, who are the police and who are the soldiers? Who do you call in an emergency and what number do you ring?
  5. perfect1949

    jandarma in gumusluk

    went past the jandarma in gumusluk today . and it was deserted with just a notice on the centaury box . does anybody know where they have gone to . dave
  6. K

    Rental Guests show passports to Jandarma?

    Hi, I am confused what to do, can anyone advise please. Last year all owners on our villa site were told that if they have anyone staying at their villa, family and friends or paying guests, they would need to produce their passports to the local Jandarma stating who they were and how long they...
  7. rosewall1

    Follow the Jandarma

    Yesterday we had to return to Torba from Yalikavac and you all know the condition of the road - great fun, well we had been following a Jandarma car for several kilometres when we came to a diversion, not knowing our way we said follow the Jandarma they will know. So several kilometres later the...
  8. KKOB

    Hotline To Jandarma Available

    The Jandarma in Uzumlu near Fethiye are keen to catch whoever is responsible for recent burglaries and are appealing for your help. Fethiye Times.com | Security Forces Offer Hotline for Foreign Residents in Uzumlu
  9. KKOB


    Here's a bit of language trivia that I've wanted an answer to for a long while. Why is that we see the word "Jandarma" on uniforms, buildings, vehicles, signs, the official website etc etc.. but the Turkish press almost always refer to them as Gendarmes and their organisation as the Gendarmerie ?
  10. K

    jandarma checks

    We have a villa in Yalikavak and have owned it for about 5 years. The developer, who lives on the site, had decided that visitors to the site, owners or renters, are annoying to him. There are 23 villas on the site and there are very strict rules on the site to keep it tranquil and peaceful...
  11. Bubbafella

    Friendly Jandarma

    I got pulled over the other day by the Jandarma just doing a routine check. I was asked for the car documents as normal and handed them to the officer, he had a quick look through them, then to my horror he told me that my insurance had expired two weeks ago!! This was a complete oversite by...
  12. madturkishcow

    A Fond Farewell to Jandarma

    How many of you have eyed these guardian angels with mistrust and thought Bar stewards? Having watched them dealing with drunken tourists (non too gently) and a shot-gun wielding turk, I admit I put them on par with Darth Vader,Hitler,Stalin and the Daleks (BBC PLESE NOTE WE WANT...
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