1. S

    RIP Big Jack Charlton

    Footballing hero and honorary Irishman You were a star Jack, Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
  2. T

    Phone Jack

    Does anyone know if you can buy a Turkish 3 pin phone jack that you can plug an English phone line into? On Amazon the do Turkish to USA but not seen any adaptors to English Thanks
  3. T

    Telephone Jack

    Hello All, hope someone can help? I am bringing an English landline telephone over to use instead of my useless Turkish one. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a Turkish to English phone jack? Many thanks Tony
  4. A89

    Union Jack

    Everyone that knows me will know that its very rare for me to say this but.....today I have to say it!!! I AM PROUD TO BE BRITISH ! The way everyone in Manchester and surrounding areas have come together is a wonderful sight to see! I am proud of each and every one of them and my heart goes out...
  5. juco

    Jack Straw suspended from the Labour party

    Breaking news: jack Straw has suspended himself from the Labour party...dont know why. Found this... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/investigations/11411007/Jack-Straw-and-Sir-Malcolm-Rifkind-in-latest-cash-for-access-scandal.html
  6. kemerkid

    Farewell Jack

    RIP Jack Brabham. Another one of our sporting greats pulls in for final pit stop. BBC News - Sir Jack Brabham, ex-F1 champion, dies aged 88
  7. N

    Stolen in Side Jack Russel girl

    Im making a appeal to all visiters here in turkey to share this. My Jack Russel dog Tiili was stolen 11 days ago in Side, but she can be anywhere right now. If you see her, grab her and contact Jandarma, or me, Tilli is very small, ca 5 kg, all white with brown ears and a small scar between her...
  8. bickern

    Quincy, M.E and The Odd Couple star Jack Klugman dies aged 90

    RIP Jack, you gave many years of true entertainment. Quincy, M.E and The Odd Couple star Jack Klugman dies aged 90 | Mail Online
  9. D

    jack scott

    I see that Jack Scott has a number 1 again on amazon with his second writing "Turkey the raw guide" . Very well done Jack congratulations.
  10. ted j

    Bill Tarmey (Jack Duckwoth ) has died

    Just been on the news, Met him twice, a real gent RIP Bill
  11. M

    advice on getting a Jack Russell puppy in Istanbul

    Hi folks, Finally made the move to Istanbul from sunny Scotland and are currently looking for a Jack Russell puppy.Have seen several in pet shops but have heard various stories re these so bit hesitant.Have also heard mention of the numerous dog shelters etc but don't know if we could find a...
  12. G

    Jack Daniels

    Hi. Does anyone know the price for a litre bottle of Jack Daniels in UK duty free shops? Thanks
  13. Yalides

    Union Jack

    Asda tells suppliers: Don't fly the Union flag on your packets (because it might offend the Scots) | Mail Online How ridiculous....
  14. Harem

    Jack and Liam

    I can't believe that Jack and Liam are repatriating to the UK. Please Jack, say it isn't true.
  15. HelenSnowball

    Giglets Dog, Jack

    Jus t wondered if anyone knows howGiglets dog is doing? I know he was having some pain and a couple of complications - anyone know anything else?
  16. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Jack Scott

    Hey I've just noticed, here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Jack, hope you and Liam are doing something special today. xx :hungry: :cheers:
  17. S

    Jack Russel Pup wanted in Turkey

    I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is desperatly seeking a Jack Russel Pup to love. Her's was snatched out of her arms by a Kangal and despite her attempts to save him he died. Well it is now a year since this happend, and she has decided that it's time to get a new doggy. Idealy she...
  18. animalmad34

    Jack - Shepherd mix Puppy - Loving home Wanted

    Jack is a 4 mth old Shepherd mix pup who needs a loving home, Jack needs a special home as he has been badly neglected, He is still very weak and is having calcium injections to improve him bones, He is fully vaccinated and front line and wormed, He does have mange but this is improving and he...
  19. animalmad34

    Jack - Alsatian Mix -4mths Old , Needs Loving home

    Jack is looking for a loving home - Alsatian Mix ,He is around 4-5mths old but is very underweight and needs lots of tlc He is a little cracker really with real spirit and just loves people and other dogs and not bothered by cats either. He is in foster with another dog now and is doing well...
  20. M

    How much is jack daniels?

    Does anyone have a clue how much I would pay for a one litre bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Kahlua in the duty free shops. Just an idea would help, thanks.
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