1. A

    Quick facts about Izmir

    fter Istanbul and Ankara, izmir is Turkey's third most populous city. After Athens it is the second biggest town in the Aegean Sea. The city, which remained in English until around 1930, is known in classic Antiquity as Smyrna. There are several metropolitan districts composed of the city, and...
  2. MiddleEarth

    Moved to Izmir

    The missus (Turkish), our cat, and me (yabanci) moved to Izmir on the 1st of January. We are temporarily staying in Karşiyaka, Mavişehir. We are in an active search for a permanent rental of a furnished apartment (3+1 w 1/2 banyo) in the Karşiyaka (Mavişehir-Atakent-Bostanli), or Konak/Alsancak...
  3. T

    Izmir to Istanbul

    Has anyone done the train from Izmir to Bandirma then the ferry any tips?
  4. kemerkid

    Izmir or bust.

    Today my wife and I drove up to Izmir. We passed the Bafa lake it was flat as a pancake/millpond. The windmills overlooking Didim were motionless, not a breath of wind. The roads were very quiet and we had a half hour nosebag in Soke. All in all a very enjoyable experience...... until we headed...
  5. Camden

    Istanbul Izmir in 3.5 hours

    The new section of motorway to be opened on Sunday between Izmir and Istanbul supposedly cuts the time between the two, from 8.5 hours to only 3.5 It will certainly be a boon for Istanbulites with holiday homes on the coast in cheaper fuel consumption and time taken to get there . A good...
  6. E

    info about Izmir

    I seen a post on here the other day asking about Izmir but i cannot find it now . I read in the local paper saying about the Doctors ,and for someone moving there they need to be aware there is no Heart specialists in the area .i just thought i would post it because health is very important.
  7. T

    Airport transfer - Izmir to Kusadasi

    Hi Any recommendations for low-cost airport transfer from Izmir to Kusadasi sahil sitleri?
  8. S

    taxi to izmir airport

    Please can anyone tell me the cost of a taxi from Kusadasi to Izmir Airport, thanks so much. Scott
  9. T

    Posting cargo from Izmir to UK

    Hello, Anyone know what is the cheapest/best way to send boxes of books and clothing from Izmir to the UK? I've checked extra baggage for my flight and for extra 10kilos they want something like £90! I'm not in any major hurry to send them back just as long they get here with a month or so...
  10. H

    Ortaca to Izmir

    Is it possible to get a bus from Ortaca to Izmir non stop?
  11. F

    Fishing in Konak - Izmir

    Hi All Coming to Konak - Izmir next week and would like to do some fishing, does anybody know of some good shops where we could get some local info/bait? Thanks in advance.....
  12. S

    Driving from Izmir airport to Fethiye

    Hi, are there any tolls on the motorway from the airport down to Fethiye? Thanks in advance!!
  13. S

    Aer lingus Dublin to Izmir

    Hi, anyone done this flight, if so what was it like?, we have always gone with Turkish airlines so food and a drink and lots on your in-flight entertainment, don't know what will be on offer with are lingus, ?
  14. L

    Izmir port charges for release of furniture

    Hi can anyone advise me what costs we are looking at if we want to collect furniture from a container at Izmir port? As in taxes , release fees etc?
  15. A

    Izmir to Bodrum

    We are flying into Izmir and would like to go down to Bodrum. There is a train part of the way which ends in Selcuk. Can anyone advise if there is a bus from Selcuk to Bodrum. Also do you have any idea how much the train journey costs. Thanks
  16. L

    any meet ups south of Izmir

    Hi again Came over from UK last week, am settled in Yelki, near Guzelbache, have a car now and looking for some company for me and the spaniei, can anyone recommend any decent dog friendly walks for starters thanks in anticipation Anita
  17. L

    Moving to Izmir

    Hi folks My husband has starting working near Izmir airport (we are from UK), I am planning to join him next month for 6 months or so A few questions if anyone could provide some advice - is there anything I should bring from home that isn't easily available? (I use contact lens so will...
  18. I

    Izmir Turkey to UK Devon by car passanger

    Obviously this post was a bad idea. Therefor I leave you guys to enjoy the community here. :car: :car: :car: :car:
  19. L

    Huge explosion Izmir

    No news of casualties as yet. Izmir explosion: Huge blast and gunfire outside courthouse in Turkish city | The Independent At least three injured. Gagging order on the media. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/explosion-reported-in-izmir-near-courthouse.aspx?pageID=238&nID=108184&NewsCatID=341
  20. teosgirl

    Izmir Pastor and wife held, awaiting deportation.

    Protestant pastor of ?zmir church faces deportation from Turkey - RELIGION So the list of people targeted by the government is growing - military personnel, police officers, judiciary employees, educators, journalists and media workers, opposition party members and now people from other faith...
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