1. oldfogy

    ITV The eBay Scammers

    Just a heads-up. Starting @21:00 tonight on ITV CH 3 Freeview. If you miss it then it's back on at 22:00 over on ITV + 1 CH 33 .
  2. E

    ITV Player

    I watch UK TV using the UKTV Access VPN....I have no problems watching programmes on BBC player But recently have encountered problems with the ITV player.The adverts start and play...the programme starts and plays but then when the next lot of adverts have finished, I get the message...'We...
  3. A89

    ITV Beta???

    My itv iplayer seems to have changed to ITVBeta. Has everyones? Theres no sign in thing so cant see 'last watched', also cant quickly see the last few days programs........ Ive no idea whats happening or how to use this.....takes me ages to do anything. Is it just mine? alison
  4. christella

    itv news the lions and the elephant

    Young elephant bravely battles 14 lions - ITV News
  5. Carolyn

    ITV iplayer for Android

    Here's a question for your geeky peeps out there! I have an Android tablet with version 4.1.1. installed. I have BBC iplayer which I access with a VPN. I've this morning been trying without success to download the ITV iplayer for Android and it won't download :( I keep getting a message...
  6. angiesco

    ITV Player..... playing up! Can anyone help? Itv player loads and then once I have chosen a programme, I get a black screen. So, nowhere for me to click play. BBC is fine. Channel 4 very rarely works-digital error on just about anything I want to watch. Any help would be welcome :)
  7. G

    Daves server. ITV update

    Message received from Dave: I would like to inform everyone the current situation with ITV1 channels At this moment in time, the astra satellite at the position of 28.2e, has undergone many changes to the programme locations of many transponders All ITV1 stations have now been placed onto a...
  8. gally

    ITV Frequencies?

    Does anybody know the new ITV frequencies? I'm told they have changed but I'm not sure if it's just a case of retuning? Any ideas???
  9. maggie

    Loss of ITV.

    Has anyone else with the Dream Box lost their ITV channels .?? I dont know if its just my supplier or is it a Turkey thing???Hugs Maggie xx
  10. S

    Benidorm itv last night

    Did anyone watch Benidorm last night? Well the music played at the end scene when they all jumped into the pool ( not big on opera stuff) is driving me nuts to find out what its called!!!!
  11. J

    ITV Player & Adobe Flash

    Hi All ITV player now directs you to download the new adobe flash player in order to view programmes - I have done this however, still cannot watch ITV as it continually advises me I need to download the flash player?? Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  12. A

    dream box itv

    Has anyone else lost ITV on the dream Box? there something I can do or do I have to get the guy out?
  13. J

    Getting ITV on a Mac

    Hi there, does anyone know how to watch ITV on a MAC? Cheers.
  14. juco

    `Homes from hell` ITV

    If anyone interested in this contact me and I can set something up. Email...... As you know I am working on the new series of ‘Homes From Hell’ for ITV and as a researcher I have been looking at various different cases all over the world including those in Turkey. I would be very interested to...
  15. teosgirl

    ITV wales investigates Kusadasi based property scam

    Here's a link to the online video available for those with either a British IP, or an IP hider such as expat shield. S4/Clic Y Byd ar Bedwar The programme focuses on a welsh couple who are being evicted from their villa in Kusadasi because of a property scam. Worth watching, Charlotte...
  16. C

    ITV wales tonight

    There was a story on ITV WALES tonight about a couple from Rhyl in North Wales who stand to loose their life savings of £200.000 after a property scam in the Kusadasi area. They have lawyers now taking this to court in Turkey and want to warn others. I didn't catch the name of the property firm...
  17. L

    ITV Homes from Hell

    ITV Studios is looking for stories for a new primetime series for ITV1. Do you know of anyone whose home has become a living nightmare? We want to hear about all and any domestic disaster zones - the new build house with a monster list of snags, the expensive development riddled with faults...
  18. N

    ITV Homes from hell

    I've just watched a programe on ITV about a couple who have lost their home in Cyprus. The programe ended with a request for anyone with a homes from hell story to tell to email This could be a brilliant chance to get our stories heard. Come on guys, send those emails, I've...
  19. ceemac

    ITV Looks To Pay-Per-View

    In the coming months, chairman Archie Norman, who was joined by former Royal Mail head Adam Crozier as chief executive, are expected to consider the possibility of a pay-per-view package for ITV 2, 3 and 4 among a range of options as the company benefits from a slowly improving economic climate...
  20. Marc

    ITV at the Akvaryum

    For those residing/holidaying in Akbuk then this may be of use, I have just retuned the Akvaryum Satellite system so that they can receive some of the new Sky channels I posted previously. So tonight they are showing X-Factor - I hate it, but always seem to get addicted to it..... whats going...
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