1. Tenpin

    News Companies in Istanbul Finance Center to be granted tax exemptions

    Companies in Istanbul Finance Center to be granted tax exemptions Extract: The draft law that is expected to be submitted to parliament by June at the latest foresees large tax exemptions...
  2. Tenpin

    News Rents in Istanbul leap 98 percent

    Rents in Istanbul leap 98 percent Extract: Home rents in Istanbul increased by 97.7 percent in January from the same month of last year, a study has shown. The price of rental houses was 44 Turkish Liras per square...
  3. A

    is anyone travelling from Turkey to the Uk soon? I need a companion to be able to bring my dog

    Hi folks, I need your help! My situation is that, I was working in turkey for two years during covid, I adopted the cutest dog ever. I got a job in the Uk and I discussed with them to start later but they wanted me to start as soon as possible. As you know for bringing pets to the Uk, they...
  4. E

    Info Cheap Caffs

    Cheapest caffs in Istanbul are the chain Balkanlar Lokantasi. You can get soup for like 30p and meals for 60p. But beware, they charge for bread and there are queues outside from 12-3. Also in the mornings they only do soup and attract some decrepit pensioners
  5. Tenpin

    Artificial intelligence to direct traffic in Istanbul

    What could possibly go wrong :wow: :wow: Extract: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) project to ease the city’s notorious traffic jams, daily...
  6. S

    Are sterilising tablets for babies available in Istanbul?

    Is it possible to buy sterilising tablets such as Milton tablets for baby bottles etc., in Istanbul? Are they available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies, please? We live in Pendik.
  7. L

    Tax Office in Istanbul?

    Hello! Does anyone know where is the tax office in Istanbul to pay the RP fee? I'm not sure how it's called in Turkish or where to find it. And, to pay it, do I need to do anything other than come with my application information and passport and cash? I was foolish and had someone help me with...
  8. Camden

    Last Supermoon of 2020 shines over Istanbul

    Last Supermoon of 2020 shines over Istanbul the Turks call it the flower moon Watch the beautiful live timelapse rise of the flower moon over the impressive Çamlıca Mosque better to start 27sec in as a bit boring before #NewsUpdateLive #SightingMoon | Last Supermoon of 2020 shines over...
  9. bickern

    How Istanbul won back its crown

    How Istanbul won back its crown as heart of the Muslim world. While Turkey stands accused of domestic repression, its largest city is increasingly seen as a beacon for the persecuted. A ruined yali, or Bosphorus mansion, is still standing on the shore of the largest island of the Istanbul...
  10. R

    driving to Istanbul

    We are considering taking a risk and booking a flight from istanbul to minsk, then a connecting flight to London. I am aware that there could be last minute cancellation, but that's a risk we are willing to undertake. The problem we have is where or who do get permission to travel by car from...
  11. immac

    Istanbul Ferries Now 24/2

    Istanbul ferries now cross the Bosphorus through the night: "The launch of a 24-hour weekend ferry linking European and Asian sides of the city means Istanbulites need not be stranded on the wrong continent after a night out"...
  12. Mushtaq

    Hair transplant in Istanbul

    I have been asked for some recommendations by someone looking to get hair transplant, I have seen a number of men with headbands while travelling through Istanbul airport many times and wondered if anyone has any experience of this sort of procedure in Turkey?
  13. T

    Hotel Istanbul

    Need a little help going to Istanbul in September for 4 days any Hotel that anyone can recommend . We would like to stay near the Blue Mosque area.
  14. S

    Visa on Arrival Istanbul

    Can anyone please tell me is there still a facility for buying your Visa at the new Istanbul airport
  15. R

    Foreigner buying an apartment : which Istanbul neighbourhood?

    Hello everybody! This is my first ever question here, I really need your help :) I have decided to buy a small apartment in Istanbul, let’s look at some facts first lol - I have a budget of just around 250,000 TL in cash, and I can spend around 500,000 TL maximum - I love Turkish people...
  16. T

    Izmir to Istanbul

    Has anyone done the train from Izmir to Bandirma then the ferry any tips?
  17. Camden

    Istanbul Iconic Fish Sandwich vendors

    Whilst in Istanbul we always at some point grab a fish sandwich ... either from the fish market street vendors in Karakoy or the highly decorated boats over the bridge at Eminönü, this time round though , we found the fish market street vendors had gone the fish market was also smaller and no...
  18. T

    Marmaris to Istanbul

    Next year we are going back to Istanbul, but thought about the train. We think this is right bus to Ismer then train to Istanbul . Correct me if i am wrong thanks.
  19. kemerkid

    Istanbul floods.

    20 years to the day since the massive earthquake, a months worth of rain fell on Istanbul in one hour today. This has resulted in massive flooding in many parts on both sides of the Bosphorus. Roads and underpasses running like rivers. One man has been drowned so far. The Grand Bazar was washed...
  20. Camden

    Istanbul Izmir in 3.5 hours

    The new section of motorway to be opened on Sunday between Izmir and Istanbul supposedly cuts the time between the two, from 8.5 hours to only 3.5 It will certainly be a boon for Istanbulites with holiday homes on the coast in cheaper fuel consumption and time taken to get there . A good...
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