1. C

    TEFL issues

    I was wondering if anyone ever met a non-native english speaker who teaches/taught english abroad?
  2. teosgirl

    Religious directorate issues fatwa

    Diyanet'ten fetva: Baban?n öz k?z?na ?ehvet duymas? haram de?il! - I've put this in the Islam information forum because I'd like to know what our Muslim members think about this. Do you agree with the Diyanet website, do you accept the reporting is truthful (there's a link to the...
  3. bal canavar

    ISIL issues threat to Turkey

    There NATO partners have asked the Government of Turkey to show more willing in clamping down on ISIL groups operating in Turkey and on web sites . Which under pressure they have been doing with raids all over the country . But now the threats. ISIL issues threat to Turkey over recent...
  4. bickern

    10 issues Turkish media is banned from reporting on.

    Turkey’s media organizations have been banned from reporting on a parliamentary inquiry into corruption allegations concerning four former ministers of Cabinet. Although the ban is unprecedented for a parliamentary inquiry, over 150 gag orders have been issued regarding the investigations of...
  5. K

    SMS problems and Internet banking issues

    Is anybody else having problems with there internet banking .Not receiving SMS .:17: Every time i try to log on to my bank accounts it lets me in until the pin stage,then it should send me a pin number to my UK mobile phone. Both Garanti and deniz bank do not seem to be sending ther pins to...
  6. skydog

    Isparta Womens' Issues.

    Hürriyet: The woman who killed her rapist: I don?t want his baby | Çevirman I hope she's found not guilty.
  7. H

    health issues

    Professional masseur 32 years experience will come to your home to provide personal service All problems accounted for. Appointments to meet your needs Former Fenerbahçe sport club 5 years experience:114mf::114mf:
  8. A

    Facebook issues

    Me and my wife have subscribed to facebook for a couple of years. (pressure from our daughters). We have the same email address but use different passwords for this facetube thingy. To date this has worked perfectly. I now find that I am now connected automatically to my Wife's account whever...
  9. raven

    TTnet issues?

    Hi We currently use TTnet and especially at the weekends we find that we lose the internet connection and can be down for 2 to 3 hours at a time. We also have periods where the connection is very slow. I am trying to work out if its a local connection issue or if this is just an overall issue...
  10. T

    How to resolve issues

    The board and Property management company ignore the condominium law and Management Plan and do whatever they want. Is there any legal remedy without going to court? We don't have time to go to court and we do not know any trustworthy solicitors. Is there anything the Belediye, police or...
  11. Peaceplant

    Weight Issues sub-forum?

    Whilst I wouldn't want the Health Matters forum to be spattered with endless sub-forums anymore than anyone else I wondered if members agree on the advantages of having a Weight Issues one if Mushtaq agrees. There is a diet thread at the moment but it has 538 replies and the information just...
  12. A

    Complex management issues

    Hi, Am looking for advice. I am on a complex, no gym, no sauna, no tennis just a pool, small garden and 1 lift. the complex has paint flaking inside and out, garden overgrown, paths cracking, on site caretaker has not been seen for 6 months, so no maintenance. The management company have raised...
  13. C

    Living / Moving to Turkey with health issues

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if there is anyone on the forum who is living in Turkey who has long term health issues, or anyone who moved out to turkey with long term health issues? I understand this maybe quite a personal area and so don't expect people to go into detail but just really...
  14. K

    please help me with divorce issues

    Hello there, I'm new to this, and posting because I have no idea what to do anymore. I left my husband just over 2 years ago. I fled from turkey with our baby, and 1 bag to escape from him, it was such a horrible violent marriage. It was a very quick rushed thing, he went to work and I ran...
  15. A

    a complex with *serious* maintenance issues ... and no swimming pool

    Think your property management team is letting y o u r complex fall apart? It could be worse ... like this place: Aydýn - Didim - Apollon Tapýnaðý
  16. shirleyanntr

    Eastenders tackles social issues

    Whether you like Eastenders or not you have to admire the scriptwriters and the actors who bring sensitivity and realism to many issues. This year they have aired mental illness with Stacey and her mother portraying different aspects of Bi-polar disorder...the trauma and heartache of...
  17. S

    KTHY/atlasjet issues Help Thread

    Sad news for people that travel with KTHY.... They have had to ground all flights via England - Turkey - Cyprus as CTA airlines have gone bust. Debts were growing and growing untill this morrning where they had to stop. This has left alot of people in Northen Cyprus stranded and also...
  18. ceemac

    Facebook accessibility issues in Turkey: technical glitch or censorship

    'According to our tips inbox and complaints on Twitter and local blogs, popular social network Facebook has been unavailable to at least a subset of users in Turkey for a number of hours now, although it appears to be coming back up for some users in the last half hour or so.' Here C
  19. ceemac

    Toyota issues global Prius recall

    It'll be interesting to see the outcome of all this on the company's future sales. 'Toyota has issued a worldwide recall for about 437,000 of its flagship Prius and other hybrid vehicles in the latest of a series of embarrassing safety problems to hit the Japanese carmaker.' Here C
  20. ceemac

    Muslim Issues

    Do you think it's fair and reasonable that we discuss topical Muslim issues in the forum? There are all shades of opinion here and I know some are uncomfortable that controversial views are expressed by people who own a home in a Muslim country. Personally, buying a Turkish home has opened...
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