1. T

    Medical issue please help

    Hello, Does anybody have any info or can guide me? My wife wants to have a blood test as well as pap smear. Her sigorta has been finished. Even if not finished, since she is a student her sigorta is not a good one as far as I know. What is the difference between public and personal hospital...
  2. S

    A human rights issue

    So got the spa/ hot tub up and running and despite my hard graft in serious heat to get it firing on all cylinders the big girl announces a hot tub diktat No floating free in the tub!!!!! I would like to think I would get messages of support from right across the TLF family against the big...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Too hot for shorts, boys skirt the issue

    Boys were not allowed to wear the school logoed PE shorts on the hottest day of the year, so they thought they would skirt round it:- Longhill High Schoolboys wore skirts after being told PE shorts were not uniform | Daily Mail Online I wasn't reading DM honest
  4. M

    TTNET line moving issue

    as stated in the title... we moved from an old apartment to a new one in (antakya) and we requested that they move our internet line to the new place... in a week they came and did some cable work but the internet service wasn't working... the username and password and router and everything is...
  5. RedBloodedHound

    The Armenian Issue

    German MPs vote on Armenian 'genocide' amid Turkish fury - BBC News This is going to go down well.
  6. H

    residence permits uk issue

    i heard on the grapevine that applications by uk citizens for new ikamets would be handled in future by the Turkish consulate in London with effect from 1st Jan 2016. Can anyone confirm this or is it another'rumour'
  7. juco

    Hotmail security code issue

    I am sure others have already been caught out. I went to Ireland for a few days only to find I couldnt access my hotmail due to a change of location. They wanted me to enter my secure code, which I didnt have and answering their security questions went nowhere. They could have sent a secure code...
  8. E

    Air Con issue

    Hello everyone, hope all are well. Just an issue I have with one of the Arcelik Air Con units. It has been loosing gas for some time now. I had a gent who works at them call and he said that the problem appears to be in the pipe that funs from the inside unit to the outside fan. There seems...
  9. R

    New issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine (Online Issue) December 2012

    Read New issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine (Online Issue) Like and Leave your comments !
  10. F

    residence permit issue

    Dear friends Having an appointment for residence permit on 6th December 2012 i have prepared all the necessary documents needed ,just I am confused which document I have to show concerning house rental contract,well actually I don't have house rental contract but I have what we called it here...
  11. R

    Turkey InterCulture Magazine: Do not miss the first issue!

    Dear Friends! NEW! Do not miss the first issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine!!!! Be the first to read! Paper issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine you can get in Mahmutlar at The International Culture Center Library. Library address: Menderes Bulvari, Apayalin Ismerkezi. Entrance on the...
  12. suzyq

    At this rate we'll all be selling The Big Issue Read more

    Think of the homeless and an image comes to mind of people sleeping in shop doorways or families living in cramped bed-and-breakfast accommodation. Not so, apparently. The notion of 'homelessness' as not having a proper roof over your head is so last century........ Read more: UK welfare...
  13. H

    Issue with British neighbours

    Help- I own property in the Didim area, I holiday there as does my fmaily and close friends. My neighbours are British: 1. They have rented out my apartment behind my back and therefore stole electric and water from me. 2. The male has a history of violence in UK and Turkey and has done time...
  14. teosgirl

    Erdogan has successfully solved the Kurdish issue

    Apparently. I must have blinked. Erdogans latest election winner.. Turkey no longer has Kurdish issue, says PM Erdo?an Turkey no longer has a Kurdish problem, and what currently remains to be addressed are the problems of individual Kurdish citizens, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said...
  15. teosgirl

    headscarf issue political survey finds

    Headscarf debate is nonexistent in Turkish social life, survey finds - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I agree that the headscarf has been used for political gains (on both sides) and that it isn't necessarily an issue in everyday life, but a few comments and findings regarding this...
  16. Mushtaq

    Kılıçdaroğlu vows to solve scarf issue, says secular regime not under threat

    Kılıçdaroğlu vows to solve scarf issue, says secular regime not under threat Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who is currently on a visit to Germany, has renewed an earlier pledge to lift the notorious ban on the use of the Muslim headscarf in the public sphere in...
  17. D

    Bodrum Bulletin - Issue #006 (Early edition!)

    I haven't posted a newsletter release notice here for a while - partly because I don't want to inundate the forum, but also because I know that a lot of you are subscribed already. Still, I thought I would do today as I've just posted issue 006 online, which passes another reader milestone as...
  18. D

    Bodrum Bulletin - Issue #003

    Good morning, hopefully you've already got it in your in-box, but just in case you haven't... I've just posted the third issue of the Bodrum Bulletin - the FREE newsletter delivering news and events for the Bodrum Peninsula. If you'd like to view the online version of the newsletter, you can...
  19. D

    Bodrum Bulletin - Issue #002

    Good morning, For those who are interested, I've just posted the second issue of the Bodrum Bulletin - the FREE newsletter delivering news and events for the Bodrum Peninsula. If you'd like to view the online version of the newsletter, you can see it at: Bodrum Bulletin Issue #002 - 15th...
  20. gren

    Council Tax classification issue and 'License for Utilsation'

    I hope to go down the Belediye to pay my Council Tax for the last 2 years (plus the late payment fine!) but my house doesnt have Kat Mülkiyeti ticked on the Tapu (it's still Kat İrtifaki). Is it therefore classed as Cultivated land, Uncultivated land, Non-residence purpose building, or...
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