1. C

    ferry to Greek islands timetables

    hi ,where can i find timetables and info on what ferries go from turkey to any of the greek islands for 2019 .thanks
  2. suzyq

    Visiting the neighboring Aegean islands of Greece

    A lesser known fact may be that a number of attractive Greek Aegean islands just happen to lie mere kilometers off Turkey's shore. Why not combine a vacation this summer with a trip to Greece on one of the many routes served from Turkey's popular holiday destinations along the Aegean...
  3. R

    Travelling Greek Islands, Cyprus, Greece, Albania

    Hello Everyone, Curious about travelling to the Greek islands near Turkey? Maybe I can answer your questions. I have extensive experience travelling to and from all the connecting ports and ferries between Turkey and the islands, and then also travelling through the neighboring islands by...
  4. B

    Argentina and oil off the Falkland Islands.

    Argentina launches lawsuit against Falkland oil drillers - BBC News Does Argentina have much chance of winning their case in court? Bill.
  5. MiddleEarth

    Princes Islands Residents?

    Are there any full-time residents living on the Princes Islands on TLF? I have some questions and would like to correspond with anyone who lives there year-round. Thanks
  6. yalimart

    Greek Islands from Bodrum

    Its been many years since I jumped on a ferry to Kos but my old bird has conned, sorry I mean persuaded me to do a bit of Island hopping, ironically she was arrested on our last visit for smuggling a ford escort mark 4 plastic wheel trim in. The plan is a couple of nights on each Island, our...
  7. Mushtaq

    Princes' Islands: Turkey's forgotten garden paradise

    By David Wheeler 7:00AM GMT 13 Jan 2014 If you're going to Turkey, make sure to visit the Princes' Islands: an unspoilt archipelago just a few miles from bustling Istanbul I hadn't expected distinctive Thirties architecture. Nor had I foreseen so many trees, or so many reminders of Nantucket...
  8. B

    US planes over disputed Islands.

    BBC News - US planes challenge China air zone This could be the cause of even more unrest in Asia. Bill.
  9. B

    Referendum on Falkland Islands.

    BBC News - Falkland Islands to hold referendum on sovereignty Good news for the Falkland Islanders, but when do we in the UK get a referendum on the EU? Bill.
  10. suzyq

    Visa free regime with Greek islands no picnic for travelers

    Greece, which has been working with EU officials to remove visa requirements for Turkish tourists at some of its islands in the Aegean Sea, on Wednesday officially launched a no-visa regime for five islands, but reports from passengers, tourism agencies and travelers indicate that formalities...
  11. teosgirl

    Turkish nationals visa-free travel to closest greek Islands Well, not entirely visa-free, but a similar process to the one we encounter. According to the article Turks will soon be able to travel to the closest Greek Islands without needing to apply for a visa - rather they will be granted a 2 week stay tourist visa on entering the...
  12. gra

    car ferry to greek islands

    hi all We are planning to travel to one (any) of the Greek islands by ferry in march from the Bodrom area, we would like to take our car, could any locals give any advice about prices, times and which ferry companies run at this time of year. Thanks in advance, gra
  13. P

    Trip to any interesting Islands

    Coming to Turgutreis with the family next week and whilst i would love just to relax with a few beers by the pool, i have a 13 year old son who want to do things so i thought it might be an idea to go off for a few days to discover some of the small Greek islands that we might be able to get to...
  14. D

    Are the Greek islands beckonning expats?

    İ have read a few threads on here about people leaving Turkey and going to Bulgaria but i was wondering if there would be more logic in going to Greece?? i am not going anywhere myself but i am curious as to whether Greek property has devalued due to their economic problems and would make it...
  15. Elvira

    Ferries to Princes Islands

    Does anyone know if the Istanbul ferries to the Princes Islands runs all year.I will be going mid October and would like to take some friends over.
  16. teosgirl

    visa free greek islands for Turkish citizens?

    Visa-free Greek islands could open Aegean for Turkish tourism - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review This could be a fantastic move for Turks and Greek Islanders alike. If Erdogan pulls this off it would definitely show a direct move towards Europe, and by becoming closer to their once...
  17. luddendenturk

    Greece Told To Sell Islands To Raise Cash

    Debt-ridden Greece has been told it should sell off some of its islands to raise cash - and there have even been suggestions the country should flog the ancient Acropolis in Athens. Greece Told 'Sell Islands': German Politicians Urge Debt-Ridden Greeks To Raise Cash | Business | Sky News
  18. G

    Greek Islands

    I came across a travel agent's website that gives details about ferry crossings to the Greek Islands. According to the website, it is possible to do some island hopping from Samos and Kos to some of the other islands, such as Patmos and Mykanos. Has anyone tried this and, if so, were there any...
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