1. oldfogy

    Canvey Island declares itself an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE

    Canvey Island declares itself an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE Canvey Island declares itself an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE | SOUTHEND NEWS NETWORK I could get to like this website.
  2. K

    Kemerlye Island and monastery

    Those of us who have enjoyed boat trips to the island from Aktur etc may be surprised to read this. Published in hurriyet today 18th July 1,800-year-old Greek Orthodox church faces risk of collapse - TRAVEL 1,800-year-old Greek Orthodox church faces risk of collapse A 1,800-year-old...
  3. RedBloodedHound

    Island for Sale.

    So you've sold up in Turkey; pots of cash in the bank and you fancy an island retreat.........Island retreat for sale on River Avon in Worcestershire - BBC News
  4. W

    New Zealand North Island Must Do's

    Apologies for the non Turkish thread and any replies can be sent via PM . I am over in Auckland for the next 2 months and will have access to a car for 2 weeks. I want to tour up north of Auckland with my priorities being coastal walks , forest walks and coastal drives. Would appreciate any...
  5. D

    Chevalier Island off Fethiye

    Can anyone please tell me how we would get to `Chevalier` ( I know its not spelt that way ) island please ? obviously its by boat but is it from Calis ? or Fethiye ? and what are the times ? thanks
  6. M

    Desert island

    My family and I have been discussing what meal we would have if we were on a desert island but could have one favourite meal delivered once a week but must be the same meal,what would be your choice?
  7. S

    Chevalier Island

    Mushtaq has posted a thread about islands to visit near Istanbul so I thought I would give this island off Fethiye a mention. I am probably trying to teach Fethiye residents how to suck eggs highlighting this -but then again maybe not. I myself was in the Fethiye area including the town itself...
  8. tomc1984

    Kara ada private boat trips(Black island)

    Anyone know of a small boat we could hire probably from Gumbet or Bitez for a trip to black island, only for about 10 people. Tour companies offering 900TL but think this is for a much larger party.
  9. perfect1949

    sunset island

    last night from my terrace , a few more days and the sun will start going back to winter damn .dave and shirley
  10. overmars

    swimming to rabbit island

    Hello, I noticed a structure of some kind on the bigger of these two islands last time I was there and this time I want to go have a real look. Has anyone swum over to it before?
  11. Leo

    Kas to the Greek island of Meis

    Hi folks, I will be visiting Kas & Kalkan next week. Never been across to Meis. Anybody any helpful info - like how often does the ferry go, is there more than one, how long doesit take, what is the cost & do I need to book tickets? Cheers Leo.
  12. A

    re La Blanche Island Resort

    I have booked this hotel for May 2013, on ringing Thomas Cook to make an additional booking for my daughter I find that the hotel has been taken off sale by thomas cook ( and first choice.) The reason given is that contracts have not been signed between the hotel and them so sales are on hold...
  13. teosgirl

    Island off the coast of Antalya

    Strange question. I realise there are probably many small Islands off the coast of Antalya, but my friend is trying to find the name and location of an Island which has just one hotel/BandB and no vehicle traffic. My friend heard about this place from another friend (I know, don't say it) but...
  14. C

    La Blanche Island Resort New Hotel

    Does anyone know how far this hotel is on with construction? They were supposed to open in July but now saying delayed till next year due to bad weather holding up construction over winter Just wondered how far along it actually is as Thomas Cook saying they know nothing about any delays Its...
  15. teosgirl

    Volcanic activity on Greek Island of Santorini?? I can't find an English translation yet, but I tried google earlier and found that the Island was being investigated in June last year due to 'unsual activity'. Is the 2012 countdown on?? Charlotte
  16. Sunny Seasider

    Desert Island Discs.

    With all the doom and gloom of January and dreams of sunnier climes, I thought for a bit of light relief we could all choose 8 songs you would take with you to a Desert Island. As Desert Island Discs celebrates its 70th birthday, it's the show the BBC must never cast away. So I will start with...
  17. D

    Cleopatra Island Etc

    Cleopatra?s bath
  18. kaplumba

    Island hopping

    Years ago we often went back packing round Greek Islands and now it is near the top of my bucket list. We fancy doing it again next summer if Greece still has affordable ferries! This time we could fly to Rhodes and do a few islands ending up in Datca for a couple of weeks and fly home from...
  19. Tommie

    Cleopatra's Island

    Anyone know the location of Cleopatra's Island. I think it's near Marmaris. Apparently, this is the location of Naomi Campbell's new home so I might go and see her next week. Bet she does not seek advice from TLF.
  20. Rainbow

    Desert Island

    So, you are stranded on a desert island. You have 5 criteria you have to fill. Name them and why. 1. Who would you like to be stranded with. 2. What music would you take with you, you can only take one group/artist. 3. What book. 4. A food item. 5. One item that you could not live without...
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