1. A

    Checking the Tapu and Iskan

    So I just went to check at the relevant offices in Istanbul for these two documents. The Tapu office wouldn't release the Tapu and said it is with the owner but confirmed the name was accurate and there was no problem with the home. We then asked if they would release the Tapu if a solicitor...
  2. H

    Iskan amnesty missed deadline

    Hi all I have just returned from Gumusluk and only found out about the Iskan amnesty on Thursday last week so had no time to get it in place, I have asked many many people and scoured the internet but can find nothing stating the penalty for a late application, I managed to get a mapping...
  3. Kalkan regular

    iskan amnesty

    Hi I asked this question on an area forum but intedned to ask it here. I've had some good replies on the other forum but would be interested in the views of others. Our Tapu has our apartment as a depot. Has anyone had this changed under the iskan amnesty, if so how did you go about it and...
  4. Kalkan regular

    iskan amnesty

    Our Tapu has our apartment as a depot. Has anyone had this changed under the iskan amnesty, if so how did you go about it and what did it cost? Someone has 'offered' to sort this out for a fee of £300.
  5. J

    Property Transfer following a Gift - What is the process?

    Hi All, I have a question relating to the transfer of a property by gift and am hoping someone can help me. I will try to keep this brief: My father recently gifted our property in Turkey to me. We have a local lawyer in Turkey who has Power of Attorney to effect the transfer of this...
  6. KEDDI

    Help for Iskan

    Hello I must apply for my Iskan. Will contact Realty World/Voices for advice. Anyone very reliable and honest around Didim you could recommend to do my Iskan ?? Many thanks
  7. L


    There are over two hundred properties on our complex apollon holiday village without iskan. What exactly needs to be done to obtain iskan? I would like to sell my property but cannot until I have my Tapu which I hope to obtain using a lawyer. If and when I get my Tapu what happens if It does...
  8. rvanbaelen

    Getting ISKAN - new law

    Can anyone check or this article in Voices is important to us ?
  9. suzyq

    New laws - Iskan

    RESIDENTS in Didim who have discovered they have no certificate of habitation (Iskan) on their properties due to builders’ debts could be about to benefit from law changes. Under prior laws, an Iskan was not given out if there were outstanding debts - tax, government insurance, council bills...
  10. John E Rose

    Help !!! - Iskan Problem (General & Personal)

    Hi I put this thread out some weeks ago and so far no replies!!!! I felt sure this was a common problem and some one on TLF would have information. So please, [please, please ........heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we...
  11. John E Rose

    Changes to Iskan's (General & Personal)

    Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we believe our builder has not paid his SSK (Worker contributions) and possible tax on our Villa Park, so would not sign the villa park off with the Belediye and so recieve the general Iskan. We have talked to the...
  12. G

    Iskan: where is it paid for?

    I bought an apartment in 2005 where the Iskan was not issued yet. Payment for this Iskan was allegedly made twice. Once by my own representative who received my POA to do so and handed me the Iskan in my name and also by the real estator 2Base. 2Base claimed that they also paid for the Iskan...
  13. Y

    Is Iskan the same as Habitation cert.?

    Hello, Would appreciate if someone would confirm! Thanks alot
  14. Y

    Ferdi Iskan, kullanma Yapi, habitation certificate

    I am greatful for members who have replied to my query in an expert way. I thank them, but I still don't know if Kullanma Yapi = Ferdi iskan = Habitation Certificate One member asked me to click the 'Active Topic' and enter the tag word ... it cannot be done! I have also 'searched' ... in...
  15. Y

    Genel Iskan Belgesi & Ferdi Iskan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to buy a Flat in a new-build complex. I have checked from the Belediye that the Building has a valid GENEL ISKAN BELGESI. Being only a mortal, I am more than a bit confused and have two questions:- 1) Is GENEL ISKAN BELGESI sufficient to proceed to...
  16. V


    Hi - We have a 'Pre Iskan' with the Kat Irtifaki box ticked on our TAPU Can anyone please clarify the difference between the Pre Iskan & the Habitation Cert? From what I read on here we should have the Kat Mulkiyeti box ticked........ I have searched & read so much on this that my brain is now...
  17. tinkycarol

    Witholding Iskan from some owners - possible?

    Hi, I am avidly reading anything on this subject as the hab cert/iskan is supposedly about to issued for my complex (4 block/60+ apts) but trying not to get too excited just yet! However, the builder is threatening to "only give the HC to those who have paid their maintanence" and not to those...
  18. J

    How do I get our iskan?

    We're told that our iskan for our apartment in Ilica Park is ready to collect, but we've been told that we can only get it if we visit the Council with other owners in the same Block as our apartment. There are 3 apartments in our Block, and one is empty as a result of the Motif scam, so we...
  19. A

    Habitation certificate ( Iskan)

    Can anybody please clarify whose responsibility it is to supply/provide the purchaser with the habitation certificate? Is there a grey area as to who does this, or is there a legal obligation on the seller to do this? If so, where can this be found? Thanks in advance for help.
  20. S

    Iskan - Shelters - Akbuk

    My friends have a property on the Eclipse Dolunay site at Akbuk. The builders Ephesus Homes who are building Yasmin Gardens in Akbuk have left them with many problems. Some owners are still trying to get their Tapus only to find that the builders took their money and then took bank loans on the...
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