1. M

    Ziraat Bank vs Isbank

    Between Ziraat bank and Isbank which one do you recommend for day to day banking (debit purchases, paying bills, ...) in terms of service, English speaking staff, lower maintenance fees and etc?
  2. V

    Isbank GBP charges

    Isbank has started charging a fee to withdraw GBP from its cash machines, following Garanti's decision to charge last year. Isbank is charging a flat fee of £4 per transaction whatever the amount of GBP you take out. However it has also dropped the daily amount you can take from £500 a day to...
  3. A

    Isbank internet banking

    Hello all you knowledgeable people out there, We have a holiday villa and a Turkish bank account with isbank. Despite God knows how many new pins we've been sent to mobile we are having a lot of trouble getting in to internet banking. Does anyone have a foolproof step by step guide? We set...
  4. Marc

    Register your phone completely online (even tax for Garanti and IsBank customers)

    Ok so I needed to register a phone and had heared some horror stories about other shops doing it and prices ranging from 200tl - 300tl. A Turkish friend of mine told me I should do it online using the governement E-devlet site, after a bit more research I found a great article HERE which I...
  5. D

    Isbank Iscep App

    Hey everyone, I tried to transfer money from my isbank account to a friends' account via internet banking but i couldn't. I got a message saying i'd have to download Iscep from the apple store. I downloaded the app but it is entirely in Turkish; and i don't understand Turkish to that extent...
  6. jazzcazz

    Isbank - Dalyan

    Hi just wondering is anyone can help. I am in the UK at the moment but need to send a fax to Isbank in Daylan. The number on the Isbank website does not work :splat: thanks Cazz
  7. D

    getting statement from isbank

    for some silly reason i have always been with this incompetent bunch--i tried openning an internet account so i could see what is happening and my standing orders and got no sense with them so i cant see my account (my turkish speaking wife had simular problems with an internet saver with...
  8. jazzcazz

    Isbank Details

    Hi folks, could anyone please supply the contact details including fax number for Isbank in Dalaman. I have tried the website but it was not very helpful. Thanks Caz :15: May your future path be interesting and always brightly lit
  9. M

    Bank Accounts - IsBank

    Hi - need help please. I am in the UK and Susan is still in Turkey (good for her - I hear you say!!!) Ok - so I find myself with 3 Turkish Bank accounts all in joint names: There is a Turkish Lira current account There is a Turkish Lira savings account There is a sterling current account...
  10. Mushtaq

    Isbank the worst bank in Turkey?

    I have had an account with Isbank in Didim for about 3 years, not had to do a great deal with them but put money in and use the ATM card few times a year. Last week I need to transfer some money out of Turkey and as I had been told before sent them branch a fax with the details and called the...
  11. R

    Isbank, Didim

    Hi there, Does anyone know the swift code for the Isbank in Didim please. ASAP if you can manage it. Thanks in advance...
  12. steve

    opening account with isbank

    hello all could somebody that has done this please advise me in an idiot proof way of opening a bank account with isbank in altinkum. we need to open an account in may so we can pay our bills direct. 1/ what will we need to take i.e documentation ? 2/ do we open a ytl or stirling account ? 3/...
  13. M

    ISBANK internet banking???

    Hi all Can anyone help me with this... I opened a Foreign Currency Account at ISBANK in Altinkum last Tuesday and have since returned to the UK. I hoped to be able to control this account online, as I do with UK-based accounts, but have discovered that the online banking part of the website is...
  14. K

    Isbank ATM

    There is an ISBANK ATM front of council is working now. The boat tours will be start soon from Didim to Akbuk with cooparation of Reptur and ipekyolu Restaurant. if you have any question about AKBUK. we are ready to reply you.. tel : 0256 856 51 37..... mobil:0536 735 35 82 Ahmet Kaya
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