1. D

    Kat irtifaki, kat mulkiyeti

    Our tapu, for a villa in Selimiye, does not include the tick boxes for kat irtifaki and kat mulkiyeti. The tapu includes the house description, and we have water, electricity, and phone registered to this address, and we own the house and land. Kat irtifaki and kat mulkiyeti are explained as...
  2. M

    Kat irtifaki

    One of the reasons I joined TLF is bcause there was one simple fact that was being wholly misrepresented on this and a couple of other forums I have seen - that is that if your tapu is ticked kat irtifaki then this means you do not own the property. THIS IS FACTUALLY INCORRECT. If your tapu is...
  3. labman

    Irtifaki clarification please

    Hi all, I know there are many posts on the forum for this subject but I would love to get a definative answer if I can. I have my Tapu but with only the Kat Irtifaki box ticked, there must be many people in the same situation. I read a reply on Voices a few weeks ago, possibly more...
  4. keny

    kat irtifaki

    Has anyone in a semidetached villa had their tapu changed from kat irtifaki to kay muliyeti to comply with the need to do this because of the change in the law?Some say there is a 1000tl fine, and it still needs to be done.There are all sorts of paperwork/legal processes/costs to do this.Can...
  5. labman

    kat irtifaki / kat mulkiyeti and Utility problems

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum although I have done much reading over past months, loads of information, which has been so helpful but I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice? We purchaced a detached villa (Aydin Villas, Akbuk) on a complex of around 27 properties divided...
  6. A

    I have a question - kat irtifaki / kat mulkiyeti

    Hi, This is an email I received from the builder. I have my title deeds for 2 years now. They are looking for more money from us. Can anyone let me know if this is correct or if I am being ripped off yet again. Thank you. When you have a look at the title deed you can see that it is...
  7. L

    KAT IRTIFAKI on TAPU - No Mortgage?

    In another thread Samimi said :- Is this true?? I checked my Tapu and this box is checked. Does this mean my flat is unmortgagable? Can anyone explain what this means?
  8. M

    Kat Irtifaki Tapus - again

    Hi there. I know the subject of Kat irtifaki versus kat mulkiyeti tapus has been covered here, but I wanted to ask what the possible consequences of only having a Kat irtifaki tapu are? We are buying a new-build off plan, and got all excited when our Tapu finally came through after the...
  9. T

    Kat Irtifaki??

    Re: A buyers guide to Turkey Ok, I was happy with my purchase in Turkey until I read this article and got to the section where Kat Irtifaki is mentioned, quick check of my TAPU and yes - it's Kat Irtifaki. (box checked) I have bought an apartment on a small development, 1 of 15 with communal...
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