1. R

    Window Irons

    Hi There, After being burgled we are now going to have to fit window bars on all windows. I have always been reluctant, but now we've paid the price for it. Could anyone tell me what the average cost (ish) is per window? I have had two windows done already at a cost of 150TL each-is this about...
  2. J

    Price of irons

    Hi there, bit of trivial question, but does anyone know roughly how much irons are in Didim? I'm thinking of going to Kartal Spot. Thank you!
  3. M

    Steam Irons

    Can anyone tell me if distilled water is available in the Altinkum area? I have always used this for my steam iron to prevent limescale buld-up. Various irons have packed up over the years but, not through limescale. I buy a gallon container from a local pharmacy here in the UK. Is this...
  4. sunshine

    Come On You Irons!!!!!!!!

    Ive just watched West Ham beat Man U at old trafford..... This result keeps us in the premiership and relegates sheffield united. Just had to let that out. :27br: :95im: :tigger: :24: COOOME OOOON YOOOU IROOONS.
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