1. B

    Wrought Iron Furniture

    We are looking to purchase some wrought iron furniture (couple of armchairs and a table) for an outside terrace area in our recently acquired duplex apartment in Kalkan. As expected the local manufacturers are extremely expensive. I wondered if anyone had names of other companies a bit further...
  2. juco

    Iron Maiden

    Probably any fan Of Iron Maiden already knows this, But Bruce Dickinson the lead singer has another job as a commercial airline pilot.
  3. jewel

    The new Iron Bru it just me ?

    Tonight I saw the newest of the Iron Bru ads !!!! the 1st one was the new born baby girl and the Dad says to the Mum and Nana........ 'ye cannae call her fanny' I stifled a giggle at this one and was a bit surprised at it. Tonights new one is a young teenage boy sat with 2 of his teenage...
  4. Y

    Wrought iron

    Hello I am looking to buy a wrought iron grid for my kitchen window. Can anyone give me any idea where the best place to go to get one would be? Thanks in advance. :help:
  5. A

    Security iron grills

    I may want iron security grills fitting to my doors anyone have any ideas on cost and who could do the job for me
  6. bickern

    Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire with Marble Plinth

    I am placing this here for a friend, so PM me if you are interested and I will give you their email. Cast iron wood burner/soba with marble plinth Available now for 450tl (1200 new). Buyer will need to pick up from Inli├že by Gokova/Fethiye

    Iron lady

    Just watched the Iron Lady this afternoon and I must say it was an excellent movie and Meryl Streep certainly deserved the Oscar for her performance..she was brilliant. I most certainly never liked Thatcher but even I felt sorry for how she is portrayed as a reclusive widow, in poor health...
  8. K

    Xmas greating from Norn Iron

    Wishing all my friends in Gumusluk and all around Bodrum, a very merry xmas and a happy and warm new year, Jim :51:
  9. G

    black cast iron soba wanted

    Bit of a long shot but if anyone has a black cast iron soba for sale in and around the Fethiye area , although willing travel and have transport to move said item , I would be very interested. Thanks Gina
  10. A

    Iron Railings

    Hi there, Our apartment in Yalikavak is on the 2nd floor and has horizontal railings! See attachment. We have a young daughter and when she was very young I was worried that she could squeeze through the gaps, but they were just that too thin fortunately! Now she is 3, almost 4 and a budding...
  11. Peaceplant

    Cast Iron Headboard

    To save hunting the length and breadth of the Bodrum peninsula I wonder if anyone has spotted any cast iron headboards on their travels. We are after one for our k/s bed. Ikea do a white one 300 lira-ish. Wonder if you can get them made locally?
  12. R

    Russell Hobbs Vacuum - Bosch Steam Iron For Sale

    Russell Hobbs Bagless Vacuum for sale. Russell Hobbs Powercyclonic 2000, 2000W. Hepa Filtration, with spare filter. Bought in the UK, approx 10 months old. Compact & lightweight, all tools as new. ~Reason for sale, returning to the UK. 100TL Bosch Steam Iron for sale, Superb Iron, with...
  13. P

    Zola no longer an iron.

    Zola sacked. Sky Sports | Football News | Premier League | Tottenham Hotspur | West Ham sack Zola
  14. Tommie

    How to make a cheese toastie with an iron

    Have been doing this wrong for years, sorry decades. How to make a cheese toastie with an iron | Mail Online What would I do without the Daily Mail! Tom
  15. A

    cast iron multifuel stove for sale

    Hi everyone, it has been sometime since I posted here due to work/life commitments etc. but I do look in regularly to see what is going on !! (used to post as moodyblues) I have a cast iron multifuel stove for sale if anyone is interested ? It is a very heavy solid cast iron construction...
  16. D

    Wrought iron gates and grilles etc

    Hi, can anyone recommend a blacksmith in the Fethiye/Calis area who would be able to make gates, grilles and beds etc. Thanks.
  17. P

    Wrought Iron- free

    If anyone wants two wrought iron windows standard size. One to fit 3 panel and one for a two panel window. On first floor apartment in Hunter's Valley free to take off and take away. These are expensive to buy. Please pm if they are any good to anyone.
  18. GnD

    Break Ins get window iron work or window alarms

    Sadly have to announce that the oh so familar early hours break ins, detailed on other town boards, have come to Dalaman. Around 4am two of the 12 properties were singled out. Fortunately, the second had someone sleeping downstairs so they were disturbed and the break in foiled. I only...
  19. D

    Iron Railings Man

    Can anyone please give me the name of the iron Railings Man up on the hill, going out of Klakn towards Yesilkoyhe has rather a plush show room now, have lost his business card need an e-mail adress if possible plse Thanks DRBD
  20. G

    Iron Chandelier

    We want a big chandelier made for the middle of our room, as we have got a dome at the top of the house and a big space for a nice iron chandelier. Do we: Get one made and fitted or go to a shop and buy one? Does anyone know the approximate cost? Thanks;) Gail :)
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