1. mollag

    Irish Hard Border, consequences?

    It is starting to look like a hard border separating the Island of Ireland is almost a reality :hand:, any thoughts on the fallout from this should it occur? I cannot see it being anything but negative for all concerned. We will have hard borders between the UK and all EU members, can anyone...
  2. Camden

    Irish couple beaten by neighbours

    Irish couple beaten by neighbours after disagreement turns violent in Turkey’s Didim An Irish couple who settled in the western Turkish holiday town of Didim over a decade ago has been forced out of their home after their neighbours targeted them in a violent campaign of harassment. Robert...
  3. Camden

    Irish Tourist caught stealing in Marmaris

    Saw it on Turkish news tonight Tourist ‘swallowed £30,000 2.5 carat ring in bid to steal it but ended up in hospital’ An Irish tourist has been rushed to hospital after reportedly trying to rob a £30,000 diamond ring by swallowing it. The incident occurred at a jewellery shop in the Marmaris...
  4. S

    Irish PM annoys Farage

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar supporting Belgium against England in World Cup - The Irish News
  5. Camden

    Inventive Irish

    The Irish have their priorities right, by making the humble bacon roll and breakfast safer. A Northern Irish Company has derived a way to take the cancer-inducing nitrates used in making Bacon [ processed meat ] out of the process and replacing them with harmless spice/fruit derivates without...
  6. M

    The Irish Border

    Just wondering how the Brits are going to square the circle on this one and keep the DUP on board.
  7. J

    english and irish

    where is the most popular place to find the English and irish in kusadasi in the night time and would anyone have the name of a good night club and finally where is the best shop to get my eyes tested ant get glasses
  8. S

    Everyone wants to be Irish!!!!

    Irish passport applications surge continues - BBC News
  9. Yalides

    Irish Medical Dictionary

    Artery: The study of paintings. Bacteria: Back door to cafeteria. Barium: What you do when patients die. Benign: What you be, after you be eight. Caesarean Section: A neighbourhood in Rome. Catscan: Searching for Kitty. Cauterize: Made eye contact with her. Colic: A sheep dog. Coma: A...
  10. S

    Current Irish Politics-Warning do not read if you're easily bored or not au fait!

    Sleepy thought it best we kept this to our own thread Anyways I bet Shinners are praying Snarlene doesn't resign!!!!!
  11. the bueman

    Irish Language....Gaeilge

    There is a lot of conversation about the use of the Irish Language or Gaeilge as it is officially known....a lot of this conversation centres around the DUP and their refusal to fully support its use. I cannot speak Irish Gaelic myself......nevertheless I use many words of Irish Gaelic in my...
  12. S

    Smart Irish Postie!!!

    Galway postman manages to deliver Christmas card addressed to ?Yer wan who lives next door to the in-laws with a rake of kids? -
  13. the bueman

    Impact of Super Trawlers in Irish Fishing Waters

    RTE 1 tonight @ 2215 tonight. Really worth watching......its reckoned our trawlers have lost 171 Billion Euro of earnings to these monster ships. This documentary explores how modern day communities must learn from the past, in order to secure a brighter future...
  14. yalimart

    Irish Banks

    There have been a few comments recently about how great the UK was when it played its part in bailing out the Irish Banks, at the time speculation was the £7 billion of taxpayers money was loaned to the Irish banks to repay UK and other European investors and this video goes someway to...
  15. S

    Never pick a fight with the Irish!!!!
  16. D

    Irish & Paddy Jokes.

    SKY NEWSFLASH..!!.......................... The Irish Government today, have announced that, as of next week, all cars in Ireland will now drive on the Right Hand Side of the Road. If this is a success, all Buses, Trucks and Lorries will follow a week later..!!..
  17. Jaycey

    Now I understand why the Irish dislike the English

    The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and...
  18. beyazbayan

    Irish Turks or Turkish Irish?

    A new study has revealed that many Irish men may be able to trace their roots back to Turkey. Photo by: Wikimedia Commons A new study has revealed that many Irish men may be able to trace their roots back to Turkey. Focusing on the role of the Y chromosome, which is passed from father to son...
  19. yalimart

    No Scottish, No Irish......

    Require Native English Teachers from Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia..(No Scottish or Irish) email with update c.v to......... Just come across this on a Yalikavak facebook group, not sure I can believe it. Martin
  20. bal canavar

    Life Sentences for Murderer of two Irish Women

    I remember reading about this horrendous story in 2011 so happy to see justice being done just a pity no death sentence allowed for these two :62yd: The local court in İzmir had ruled in 2013 for two aggravated life sentences for Çetin, while acquitting his father but now the two will recieve...
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