1. Camden

    Ireland invites Trump

    Ireland’s prime minister Leo Varadkar made an invitation to Trump on his visit to the White House last march ....Trump has accepted and will arrive in November... both Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein have come out and said they would not oppose the Trump's trip. So the activism against Trump is...
  2. Camden

    Papal visit Ireland

    Good on the Irish Taoiseach to bring up the child abuse and the cruelty of the Magdalene laundries, to the Pope ......but when the Pope was first confirmed he said child abuse would be the No1 priority but the abuses and the cover up's still keep coming... And where is the live screening and...

    Ireland in world cup final

    Ireland are in the hockey World Cup final. This has been a dream of mine since I started following the sport about eight minutes ago.
  4. S

    Ireland House Prices

    Every now and then I cast my eyes southward longingly looking at houses in the 26 Jesus wept the prices are staggering with parts of Dublin now dearer than posh areas of London Some day....some day
  5. mollag

    Ireland explained.

    I dont want to fan the flames of the recently closed thread, rather offer a Manx view of the issues. Being neither Irish or English, more an amalgam of the worst of both, I offer this Manxois point of view. Ireland is an island to the west of Britain but Northern Ireland is just off the...

    Ireland to Spain Ferry.

    Someone on here is going to be happy...for once!
  7. S

    Brutally honest survivor of North of Ireland conflict

    Former Troubles soldier 'would shake hands of man who killed friend' -
  8. S

    Ireland Gets Stoned!!!!

    Medicinal cannabis set to be made available to patients in Republic of Ireland -
  9. S

    Flights from Ireland ?

    Hi guys, been looking to book flights for April and again for August, But not too much choice out there, so the last few years we have gone with Turkish airlines, very good as you know,and not that cheap,but there is that stop over at Istambul So with the drive to Dublin, 2 hour check in, then...
  10. J

    Should Ireland join the Commonwealth

    Nigel Farage says Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth to hedge our bets on the EU No idea of the views of our Irish friends on this so would be interesting to know.
  11. Mag

    Transporting goods to Ireland.

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but nearest I could find! I want to take some personal effects and small household items from our apartment back to Ireland this summer. They are mainly breakable items, too heavy to take as hand luggage and too delicate to place in the...
  12. Firefox

    Ireland Backs Gays

    It looks like a landslide for the Yes campaign to gay marriage in Ireland. It’s a victory for the Gay Cake Bakers with orders soaring through the roof as same sex couples race to be first to tie the nut.
  13. yalimart

    King of Ireland

    'King of Ireland' law repealed - BT Absolute disgrace ! Im voting UKIP and never drinking Guinness again without blackcurrant in. Martin
  14. yalimart

    Ireland ? Wheres that ???? Martin
  15. culturevulture

    All Ireland Hurling Final....?

    Hubby is over for a holiday, and starting to panic.......Does anyone know of any bar in Didim/Altinkum that will be showing the final on TV tomorrow-Sunday-please? As I don't go out much, I may need directions. Lol. Not very familiar with where particular bars are located. Coming from...
  16. ted j

    Kenny Ireland dead

    Kenny Ireland (Donald in Benidorm) has passed away, aged 68 after a battle with cancer RIP
  17. S

    Islamic Ireland!!!!
  18. C

    flights from Ireland

    With the airlines still charging ridiculous prices - 439 - 529 euro for return flights to Turkey, there are still cheaper options available. Keep an eye on the special offers of b&b or s\c with prices from about 229 euro for a week [use the flight - forget about the accommodation!] i...
  19. the bueman

    Republic Of Ireland New Driving Regulations

    Hi All As of the 1st May Accessing or Using a Mobile Phone or Device that requires the Driver to press a key to access the device while driving..... is now an offence punishable in the same way and category as Drink Driving. So if you are detected.......No more roadside fines or...
  20. G

    Importing/Exporting pets Ireland to Turkey

    Hi all, Have noticed in the past that there was no direct contact for someone to get pets from Dublin or Ireland as all threads related to UK regulations. Doubt there is a huge difference but it is good to have a direct local contact. I personally have not dealt with this company but they have...
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